Monday, January 30, 2006

a short history of Hip hop

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


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juxtaposition \juhk-stuh-puh-ZISH-uhn\,

noun:The act or an instance of placing in nearness or side by side

also check urban classic.
classical vs grime = juxtaposition

hand of God

check out the photostream by clicking on Flow and Will.



A line up you’d want on your 21st birthday, but the night was a bit mellower than I expected. Lethal B, Twista and Fire Camp represented fully with a good repertoire of tracks including everyone’s favourite one “Oi”.

Roll Deep left me a bit disappointed, they were in most people’s opinion the main event. However problems with the mics and sound levels meant that the set did not flow. My expectation of a grime set was met with around 5 tracks, and an album showcase. High points were mostly on the album tracks. But al that was probably because they had just landed from a big set at 333.

Skinnyman did a good range of tracks and finished off spitting over bashment, the freestlying was too much for people standing next to me, I almost got brushed aside, but that’s not me. Skinny did a couple of old ones and then it was time for Faith SFX.

The UK beatbox champ “murked” with his trademark version of Genuwines’ Pony a. I do like the way that Faith reps for the grime crew, the beat boxing is just like a next6 way to bring more dimension to the scene. Make sure you check this guy out at the “urban classic” event on the 16th of February.

Blakey was on point as per usual, with a good selection of UK and US beats and dubs. All in all a mellow night, nothing near the standards of the Run the Road launch parties. Luckily I didn’t pay to get in so I wasn’t that disappointed, the crowd didn’t seem to mind the regular mosh pit at the front and middle of the room was in full effect.

Out of ten… 6.4 so round that up blud.

BUFF-ness is a virtue

Buff is going live on digital networks

ben tv to screen nationwide search for the “buff” factor…

BEN Television (Bright Entertainment Network), which broadcasts on Sky Digital has agreed a deal with organisers of the British Urban Film Festival (BUFF) which includes the rights to broadcast ‘The Search for BUFF’ – a nationwide personality contest featuring high street auditions in order to find a face for the festival or as one source puts it, the UK’s buffest peeps. The 13 x 30-minute series will also feature interviews with so-called buff pundits including Antoinette Williams (pictured – from Channel 5’s “Make Me a Supermodel”) who offer expert analysis on the topic of loving oneself.

In each show, viewers will be asked to vote by text for the buffest passers-by who then proceed to the grand final, to be staged at the inaugural British Urban Film Festival in Stratford, East London. Freelance producers Emmanuel Anyiam-Osigwe & Bernard Kordieh will make the show for BUFF Enterprises who developed the format. The series premieres on Saturday at 7.30pm on Sky Digital (*channel 148).
© Buff Enterprises Ltd 2006

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Brunos Back


1. Loefah "Goat Stare" DMZ
2. Distance "Fallen" Boka
3. Search & Destroy "Killamanjaro" Destructive
4. Kudos "B Town" Soundproof
5. Warlock "Grenade" Rag & Bone
6. Grim Feast "Whirl" White
7. Grim Feast "Ararat" White
8. Mushug "Nem Tudo Isso É Fado" White
9. 7 Velas Crew "Rude" White
10. Bruno Belluomini "Guarani" White



1. Dogtown Clash "West London's Burning" Westway
2. Ali B vs. The Jungle Brothers "Beats On A String" Air
3. Merka feat. MC Esha "Mystic Man (Dub Mix)" Fat
4. Boris Divider "Clone Factory" Satamile
5. Cut & Run "The Smiths Tune" Cut & Run
6. Peace Division "It's Here (Meat Katie Remix)" White
7. Metric "Leave It" Lot 49
8. MKM & GBX "Hold It Down" White
9. Poonisher "Village Man" Mantra
10. Freeland "Hello I Love You" White

this is this months chart from bruno all the way in brazil
Dogtown still top of the breakbeat chart, Loefah jumps from 3 to top spot in the grime chart
please get intouch with bruno for more info on artists and contact details.

also check out the breezeblock sessions on radio 1 to hear a dubstep battle.

and read Martin Clarks monthly perspective

bless up.

Friday, January 20, 2006

out this week

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Thursday, January 19, 2006


wiley lets off
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Late review but better later than never! The event was good. The turnout was amazing for the night it was on, cold, wednesday, before new years eve. Props to the promoter.

The night started off with old skool in the baby box. but the night did not really warm up till riko and gift jumped on the set. Roll deep murked, full marks for dropping old skool as welll as grime. As did essentials and meridian. plastician was on point as was bossman who hit the decks hard with nuff dub plates.

The bouncers tried in vain to calm down the mosh pit...(pictures on the slideshow link below trim) not to mention stopping artists getting in and out of the dj box and making them take new era hats off, and making the murkle guy come down off the top of the dj box (ok, ill let them off on that one because he could have fallen and bruk himself).. Have they no respect!! all in all a gd night.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

trim likes alize

trim likes alize
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check out the how crazy the flash gun was at rinsesessions... prizes for the best caption.. answers on a postcard to

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free promotion can never be a bad thing so listen up!
Animation pranksters The Brothers McLeod have launched an online music portal called MUSICODA to promote and find music, and in the process provide funds for their first feature-length animated film

The first 1,000 spaces (10,000 pixels) are free.

All you need to do is send a 10x10 pixel image, along with the web address of your band website to while free spaces last. Hurry hurry as spaces are being eaten up rapidly!

for those who still dont know

theres a very informative documentary on the scene.
note the the funny scandanavian spellings of job titles and names of artists