Saturday, September 24, 2005

footie films

Green Street (18) (Lexi Alexander, 2005)

Elijah Wood, Charlie Hunman, Claire Forlani

109 mins

This is basically a footie film that explores the issues of hooliganism; its gritty but is a fairly accurate documentation. This is probably due to the fact that the director was once part of a firm. It’s based on the Green Street Elite from the Westham side of town, and shows the story of Elijah wood a student who gets caught up in the scene. Its got an anti violence message and gets the backing of West Ham FC. Verdict… ave some of that! Get me…

Another footie film just opened up this week as well. I wonder where the inspiration for the title "Goal!" came from? hmmm. But apart from that its getting rave reviews from everyone. Ashley Walters has a cameo, watch out for his forthcoming role in the fiddy cent movie. B ut more on that later, This films seems to have pulled no punches as it includes teams such as Man U, Brayne Munich, and of course Newcastle. its the story of Santiago Munez aka Kuno Becker, a Mexican from LA who ends up playing forNewcastle United . without spoiling it too muc, the second goal will be set in Mardrid and the third at the World cup. Some say this is just mass marketing, but thats not gona stop the fottie heads reaching. Verdict, Serious!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Lemars D-d-d-double

Soul singer Lemar was a double winner at the Mobo Awards

The former Fame Academy star beat Joss Stone and Estelle to UK Act of the Year. He also won best album for Time To Grow.The awards, which honour music of black origin, are now in their 10th year.

Lauryn Hill opened the show at London's Royal Albert Hall. Public Enemy were honoured with an award for Outstanding Contribution to Black Music. US singer-songwriter John Legend won Best R&B Act, beating Lemar and Mariah Carey.Best Reggae Act went to Damian Marley, who also accepted a Posthumous Achievement Award for his father Bob Marley.He closed the show with a performance of Could You Be Loved, accompanied by brothers Julian and Stephen.

Best Video was Drop It Like It's Hot by Snoop Dogg ft Pharrell.Other winners included Youssou N'Dour for Best African Act, Kano for Best UK Newcomer and Tim Westwood for Best UK Radio DJ.The awards featured a tribute to Luther Vandross, who died in July. The ceremony will be broadcast on BBC1 at 11.35pm on Friday.

Last year's awards were dogged by protests about nominations for the artists Elephant Man and Vybz Kartel, known for their homophobic lyrics. Organisers withdrew their nominations after an outcry from gay rights campaigners. This year the focus was on celebrating British talent.

FIP SAYs...i did not actually write the above but this is what i have to say on the subject. Even though Roll Deep, Kano, Mitchell Bros, The Streets, and Lethal wid da Bizzle are all doing the mainstream thing the scene gets no real love at the mobos. Come on mate work it out!

Urban Art <

Sam White at the Spitz

It’s not often that the grime scene gets a platform to work off like this one so we need to support this thing plus its at a place called the Spitz so its def one for all the emcees, get it? Yeah right come one you love my jokes.

Its only on till Saturday/Sunday!!!!!

Sam white has a exhibition documenting the “east london grime scene”. Although it’s a bit biased and only represents one ends it is huge. It’s showing at the Spitz Bristro. Grime seems to be flowing freely in these arty ends and like Dizzie said “sipping on the dry white wine” and that’s exactly what you can do down here as the bristro offers a selection of fine wines for the connoisseurs. We are trying to get an interview with Sam White so hold tight for that.

The Spitz Bristro

109 commercial street

Old Spitalfields market


E1 68G.

0207 392 9032

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Its all about making new moves constantly to keep ahead of the game. Like Hyperfen says

if you rather go link a h*e than go studio then you aint on it

So on that note we set up a new site devoted to the fashion art work we create. Watch it closely cos these are the street styles and designers that will be moving. Big up to to all the shops, designers, models make up artists and FIP staff that made this possible.

Phuturehype femcee finals

Firstly big up all the people who attended the event, this is the second year this has run and it is a blessing for the scene. It gives the female branch of the scene a chance to shine bright. And they did.

Bethnal green was the venue of choice, big shout to all the contestants. Especially the winner Shorty D (above bottom). Close runner up was Angel (above top), I feel she has a lot to give to the game in terms of wit and relevance to the now, shes is sort of just like Plan B. Big up you girl, I was especially feeling the accapella.

The judges were on point and made the right decision (the judges are never wrong, just like teachers at school) but what a hard choice it was. Nchyx represented the north of the country (pictured above) , for those of you who know she has been down at deal real. Phoebe One did not turn up, (shame on you!) but Baby Blue was in the crowd, probably checking out the competition. There needs more support from other people of notability especially prominent females within the UK scene. DJ, professionals and emcees stand and be counted.

Apart from the female input we had the pleasure of seeing a dace crew also from the ends, The Familia were very impressive, showing a great degree of personality from different individuals. I would have like to have seen more group performances. Watch out for a website coming soon, you lot will get the update and the links when its there.

As per usual the NW crew were in the house and the Shaolin crew showed us their tiger style, tenchu, shinobi manoeuvres. Watch out fro media productions from this camp. I myself have never understood the NW west divide, seems pointless to me but anywho… this event will be back next year and will just keep getting bigger. God bless Dame Destini.

For the rest of the pictures from the night and a more in depth review please check out the Phuturehype web and other associtated press


Tuesday, September 20, 2005



Theres no need for me to bore you with the politics, so go cop it. Plus its got Flo Fashion on it. And if you have not realised this guy is two mixtapes deep, and they are burning hot. The future of UK street music... Up your speed has just entered the dictionary of street slang!


Kiss 20 20

Logan Sama

Choong Fam

Kiss Fm's twentieth year anniversary was a huge affair; as per usual we got in on the cheap! Thank you S2G. Alexandra palace was the venue, I mean how big is that place?
I managed to catch sets from Hype, Grooverider and Trevor Nelson, but for me the best set was from EZ. He proved he still has the magic and is one of the best djs on the circuit. However i missed out on Logan Sama, as he was on at some ridiculous time. Sort it out Kiss!

Hype and Grooverider
Celebrities of notability in the crowd were Westwood, Wiley, Gift, (see bottom pictures), Two big brother stars, (I don’t watch big brother, so I wouldn’t know, lucky for them S2G pointed them out), and the Choong Fam.

big brother celebs and S2G drawing gash

Overall an alright rave, but the scene once again was not represented in full, but there were two djs, actually one dj and his emcee, on very late who surprised me by dropping a selection channel u would have been proud of, i think they were called serious and sabre

Old skool pressure

Old Skool Pressure

The last time I went to an old skool event was…. Ok I don’t actually remember at all, but it could not have been as good as this event. Big up the Back to skool team for this instalment of old skool pressure. We arrived quite late but as soon as we walked through the door the vibes were on point. Sharky P was on the mic blazing some old skool sing a long lyrics.

Its always nice to hear tunes that remind you of better times, old skool tunes are just this. The vibes took me right back to exposure at coliseum, the glasshouse, twice as nice and garage fever. I’m not gona go into an old skool vibes are so happy rant but the vibes were live. It’s a shame more people don’t frequent these types of events. The next old skool instalment from this team is on the 29th of this month and is at the red rooms as well. Make sure you get your skin down there, and if you are from west London you have no excuse.


Thursday, September 15, 2005

TOP 100 DJs

DJ MAG TOP 1'ers

for those of you that really like music and have a favorite DJ, its time to vote for them. DJ mag are running their annual top 100. this is a top 100 of djs from around the globe. It would be nice to get some representation from the UK scene up in here, as you know FIP is all about repping the UK Street Scene, no pun intended! And now with more djs than ever doing this it is possible to hear these sounds
Check out shows from MK, Logan Sama, Cameo, Semtex Aftershock Camp and so on, not to mention our favorite pirates such as React, Freeze, Rinse and De ja. Then theres the internet stations... but We wont bore you to death.. so get on it... err now!

Monday, September 12, 2005

Smoovely Does It

I dont need to say much more you cant miss this even if you work the next day, this is the first of a series of events, it will be very immense.
picture above created by FIP

Best of the British

Channel U Best of British Awards 2005

No its not at Scala or Bagleys which is now known as Canvas, its not even drum and bass, for all you confused jungalists its a new brand flex, you see me.

Channel U sky digital #467 will be launching the inaugural “Best of British” urban music event at London’s Shepherds Bush Empire 15th October 2005.

Since the channel’s launch in 2003, Channel U has rapidly become synonymous with the raw cutting edge of the UK urban music scene. The plaudits have rained down from industry aficionados and artists alike with the likes of Mercury Music prize winner Dizzee Rascal publicly acknowledging the major contribution the channel has made to kick starting his career and Guy Moot (Head of UK and European publishing for EMI) recognizing the platform we have provided for new UK talent to break through.

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we announce this new showpiece event which will celebrate the strength of the current UK urban scene and honour its chief ambassador’s.

There will be 30 short listed nominees that have been the most popular played videos during the past year from September 2004 to August 2005. Channel U viewers will have the chance to vote for their favourite artists’ video where the top 15 will perform at the event and receive a Best of British Award in recognition of their talents. With a 100% pure UK line up of fifteen of the most popular artists which have performed for the Channel over the past year plus a guest DJ set from some of the best DJ’s in the country. The event will be more than just big. It will be massive! The whole line up will guarantee a sell out 2000 crowd at one of the most popular gig venues in the capital.

Make no mistake, this event will be the only event showcasing purely British talent and is set to become the hottest ticket in the UK urban music calendar.
some would say the days of MTV Base are being counted.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bush Ball


Who’s more ignorant?

I think over the last couple of months we have seen two of the most idiotic disregards for humanity, one being a sporting situation the other racial. Now I don’t know what drives some American people to have their heads stuck so far up their rear ends, as to think they can walk all over the rest of the world but it seems to be a loose trait most of them share. Let’s be real people we live in a country in which money runs everything except one thing and that one thing is opinion. If you borrow money from a bank and they’re strict with their payments, you aren’t going to continue banking with them.

Football is a huge part of life in Briton whether you support Old Stationers FC or Arsenal FC. For the last ten years Manchester United has been at the forefront of the global marketing of football alongside Real Madrid. It has put them at the pinnacle of the world football club rich list and has made them even more popular with the marketing and business world for their shrewd and economical business sense… until an American turned up. Some would say it’s Man U’s fault, they should never have become a Plc, but others know the truth. Once again we’ve seen what a couple of pound signs can do to hypnotize a person. Man U was sold to Malcolm Glazer for a sweet sum of approximately 800 million sterling in July 2005. To some people that sounded like a great deal but for anyone in the know? Debt collectors do not play, from the street level up to your own bank. When they want their money they will come and get it. So when I heard that Man U was bought on loans I started to laugh but felt a little sorry for them. You see what everyone now knows is that we “the British public” one way or another are going to pay back this guys money. Whether you watch football matches on sky or go to the stadium your paying his money. Aren’t we just a bunch of suckers for seeing this coming and not stopping it. well I say good luck to Man U. I hope their dynasty isn’t destroyed because some rich guy wanted a new play thing.

If like the rest of the world you watched the devastation caused by nature to New Orleans then you also saw how long it took the “Richest nation on the planet”, “The only SUPER POWER” the world will ever see then you saw how stupid and slowly goliath reacted. As it has been said, had it been loads of white people in New Orleans bush would have been the first person in a helicopter flying out there to save some people. Unfortunately we found out that racism (as we all knew anyway) has not and possibly never will calm down. It took 5 days for the USA to react to this disaster. When 9/11 went down it took 24 hours for then to start the rescue mission. It hurts me a little to watch bush hug black people like he’s our friend but we now know America’s true colors and black has never been placed on the flag….. but white is its background

So we look at these two dumb Americans (bush definitely is and I have video evidence) and as who is more stupid. One for showing us the he and his country (to an extent) is still more than just a little racist or the other for thinking that WE are stupid and would pay back his loan for him remember football is supposed to entertain us not the other way around.

I think Bush wins… don’t you?

note from editor -
meanwhile news reports put the number of people displaced at around 10, 000
unlike the twin towers the US cannot claim they did not see this coming.
big up BIG SEBA, watch out for more from him.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Happy slap reaches Alaska

On a lighter note, video evidence of happy slap in Alaska has been recieved at FIPs Lab, but the real message is if you are bait on the road you are treading on thin ice. so be good, if you cant be good dont get caught!

Lady B line Damages Dam

After breaking down a road block event in Dam, B line was not satisfied and went on to do a radio show with distrubed mandem. Check out and wait for the stream to start playing. The actual rave before hand featured Roll deep, Stormin, Nasty Jack, Vder, Garner and the lady B line herself.

Streamersradio is the first radioshow in Holland which plays all of the sounds of the UK Underground.We're talking about grime, dubstep, eskibeatz, sublow & drum 'n bass, hosted by the djs Osiris, Grimeselecter, Lexxy & Grimey aka Mizzfitz, and directed by PN and Fast r Ronnie, who will provide you only with the best UK Underground tunes. Check out 'crew' to find out more about them!


An ecleftic group of artists have pulled togther a night that brings togther nearly all the sounds in the London scene, the only sound missing is the sound of ravers on the dance floor which is obviously where you come in.

There are many ecleftic nights and the crowds are always diverse so its a great place to next work or just to meet new friends and have a good time.

The first night launches on 23rd of september and then carries on every first friday of the month. Watch out for the FIP Team on the nights.

Friday, September 02, 2005

looking back and looking forward


This Month has been Good, Next month looks to be even better, As we move out of the summer period the days get shorter but the clubs and djs return from the summer breaks abroad so that can only mean better music! Watch out for a night at fabric ( with DJ Cameo and other members of the grime fraternity.

Phuturehype are hosting the finals of their female emcee comp and this is a big look.

Phuturehype will be holding their 2nd annual Female MC/Rapping Finals on Saturday, Sept 17th in Bethnal Green, London. The finals will be judged by a variety of well known underground artists and our Special Guest Judge is Phoebe One, Veteran British Female Rapper and host of Choice FM UK Cuts radio show. Last year Phuturehype’s female mc/rapping finals were recorded and featured in the Channel 4 documentary “Chancers”. The finals also featured Lady Sovereign, who is now signed to Island Records, and is currently in talks with Jay Z and LA Reid.

This year watch out for South Pole, Kedoworld, Patrick Kevin Clothing, Brokensouls and UrbanMags and UK Street Scene who will be present.

Oxford House
Derbyshire Street
Bethnal Green
London E2 6HG


More info??
Denise Destini
Tel: 07906 058016

Carnival went off with a bang as perusual, this years hotspots for the FIPteam were at All saints road and collville terrace with Drum and bass, Old skool garage, dub sounds and new UK street beats.
The Stataside shoot went well and the flicks should be up once the have returned from the lab. Check the preview at the top of the page. Big up Insane and Lawrence for the hook up. check out blacksharksonline for music from Insane.
Of course the up coming SIDEWINDER AWARDS will be huge as per usual, last year saw DIzzie, Semtex and Bushkin making controversy on stage. And theres the mobos.
Watch out for updates through the month of september

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Carnival 2005

Acrid gets up

Carnival 2005

As usual this years carnival preparations started early, while riding the number 7 about a week before, I could look down and see the familiar sight of the metal fences that line the streets. Also the graffiti all the way down where great western road meets westbourne grove started to appear, covering the best bits from 2004, this year I managed to catch up with some of the LB cats, Acrid, priest, CGO and younger SB.
The most interesting Graff was further from this spot, still on westbourne near Portobello. Some amazing murals that would have been at home in galleries like the Tate modern. >

The Monday was vibeing and from what I heard Bruza was the man! Hanging off the scaffolding and dropping some hot lines. But as usually rampage was the scene of warfare and as a result it got locked down before its time. The biggest tunes of carnival were defiantly “welcome to Jamrock”, “the crazy frog remix” and anything Bruza was on. This year I brought out a boom box. I recommend this as essential kit, especially when all the sounds are done. Bring your own sounds system eh. You know it makes sense. I caught up with a steel band all the way from Switzerland; I guess they must have taken a wrong turn! But even though they still managed to get down to panorama. The Sunday was quiet different. The crowds were smaller than what I remember past years being, but then again children’s carnival is always more quiet. I got stuck up on all saints road and was blessed by the sounds of old school garage and dub reggae. Not to mention some drum and bass and jungle.

As night fell team FIP got ready for a fashion shoot, we hit all saints as the last floats rode in, Powis Square, Colville Terrace, and Westbourne Grove and then called it a day. Watch out for the pictures and music from both the artists featured in our shoot. Thanks to staff at stateside in whiteleys for the help with outfits. big up Shasti Lowton for styling the shoot and picking colourways.

Overall carnival was good this year, people were still out in the streets jamming till 12.30, or at least they were when I was on my way home at that time…lets hope next year is better. And lets all make an effort to allow the armshouse otherwise they will have an excuse to move it to Hyde park and nobody really wants that.

Portobello on a normal day & Latymer bridge, significant for various reasons
Shalom till next year.