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The review
DVA presents Voice Of Grime: volume 1

Since the dawn of grime I had no doubts that the softer side of grime was always going to be the more innovative border of commerce. Sadie Ama has just been playlisted by Jez Wellam, for those of you who don’t listen to any commercial daytime radio (yes we know its painful), Jez runs the Kiss FM drive time show. As you can see this is major money and airtime.

More and more vocalists have emerged as the scene has progressed, notable faces include Donae’o, KT Pearl, Sadie, Carly Bond, Louie Lou and a host of other sweet sounding individuals. It always takes one person to go against the grain and take the scene into a new frontier, Since Cameo started pushing the Rhythm and Grime (RnG) movement there has not been any real ripples.

Enter “The voice of Grime”… A compilation packed to brim with grime you can actually listen to with your significant other without getting turfed for noise pollution. As always we recommend you listen to the whole disc when you buy it from your local independent or HMV, which ever takes your fancy.

The tracks that I think you should watch out for are

Take you away – Sadie: with amazing song writing skills shown in lyrics such as “I think you need a Leo in your life and the courage I bring” Sadie (butter wouldn’t melt) is set to be a star.
Shyam ft Wretch – one wish: True Tiger orientated, this track has the feel of a ghetto ballad, with the movements Wretch all over it, flipping the subject matter from love to the hood life outlook.
Soundbowy Ents – never want to say: summer smasher, has this track opened the doors for more producers to jump on the RnG bandwagon?

In addition to this watch out for Menhaz (we got studio footage of this lady in action) and Amy King a new protégée aka rising aka voice of grime. Why is this a good look? Because we might actually start getting a good ratio of females to males in our raves… nuff said.

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