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interview with 12 Inch

12 - inch is a 19-year-old DJ from Northolt, in the borough of Ealing, west London. Widely rated as one of the top three djs in west London. It’s not often that you get one of the best djs in west London hitting you up on myspace and msn. So when 12 - Inch hailed me up, and requested an interview I had to oblige.

WHAT IS FIP? -Good evening.....

12 - Inches of fury- evening

FIP? -This is FIP, talking to dj 12 - Inch..... at some deep time of day....12 -.... please let us in on a secret....why are U called 12 - inch..... (we do have female readers...)

12 - - The name 12 -inch is original from the sizes of records, I decided on the name because it was different and obviously stating the obvious it was the size of record I play

FIP? -I hear that, shows how deep into ure music u are... but... I think u just dissapointed a lot of our female readers....

12 - lol. They will no be disappointed if they feel they need 2 find out more then we could have a 1 to 1. Lol

FIP? -Oi Oi... its a family show... just joking
What genre of music do you specialise in..?

12 - - I specialize in grime and slow jams

FIP? -That is a very interesting combination of music..... Some would say they are opposed... would you agree?

12 - - well slow jams may be completely different however, its the music which I like and relaxes my state of mind at various times and grime is UK music which I support and feel it should be pushed under the right sort of image

FIP? -Which is....?

12 - - a positive image, not the image of war, words shouldn't affect the artists it a way of expressing yourself not expressing crime on violence against one another

FIP? -I hear you, but as an emcee format don’t u think that the battle element of grime is important for its progression, i.e. finding the most exciting new artists?

12 - - yeh I do feel so, but I don’t think it should end up wid a fight due to someone being better than u or offending you. its apart of the scene, so it should be played on, not taken to heart

FIP? -I agree but road and music always seem to spill into each other.... being from west London and being in the grime scene and being a dj makes u the perfect person to ask... wat is going on with west london grime?

12 - - west london grime, well to be honest there is only about 15-20 good mc's if that there is a lot of mc's that don’t want to make tunes, they prefer freestyles which are for sets, its trying to make a tune that is catchy that will make you gd and known. The road and music needs to be separated and people need to act more professional

FIP? -I hear this.... I can relate from first hand experience... who are ure top10 west

12 - - well that is hard but I will try give some not in any particular order
Kai mizan,
Hit man t,
Fugzi, lynx man
Can’t think right now there more though

FIP? -That is a gd line up.... some of them are from the click that u rep..... tell us more about ure Team

12 - - well at the mo, I am dj that is alone in this grime scene, I have been in dirty alliance and section 18, but I have realise they are not the crews for me, so I have been by myself and I have been networking with good mc's, the best in west from my opinion and from that I have been able to promote myself and them as well

FIP? -That is a good look, solo soldier..... So obviously ure promoting ureself as dj package... do u do any production>?

12 - - no I don’t make beats, but I believe I may put together a mixtape with the best of west mc's so that we can enter the scene as a unit and start making movements

FIP? -That is commendable; I think they need more people like u..... Djs are the power brokers in this scene.... where can people catch ure mixology?

12 - - well im in the process of maybe doing a lil myspace mix or a promo. But you can catch me on freeze fm 92.7 sometimes, manic fm Monday 4-6 and get grime Thursday 7.30 -9. I take the game serious
As I want to be the best in the grime scene so I have to put the work in. I have played out at raves, parties b-days, club will come in due time with either grime or slow jams

FIP? -That’s all good, wats Subcity records like as a label and wats it like working with Squncy Black...?

12 -- yes I am, I am kinda in Subcity and we are looking to make positive movements and make the right steps in the grime scene

FIP? -I love dat.... wat can we expect from you in 2007?

12 - - well I hope that you can hear my name been talked about everywhere instead of only west London, maybe on bigger stations and a couple of mixtape also or promos

FIP? -any excluses? U can give us a name or something to work with

12 - - well next yr look out for wild western vol.1. That is gonna be the best of west London talent
So look forward 2 that. Summer 07 is hopefully when it will drop

FIP? -We will let the people know as soon as we do....... any last words/shouts etc....

12 - -no just big up everyone in the grime scene working hard

Wild Western (DJ 12 - Inch) is not to be confused with
Western peace (DJ Spook J - hoodstars)

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grimey voices

The review
DVA presents Voice Of Grime: volume 1

Since the dawn of grime I had no doubts that the softer side of grime was always going to be the more innovative border of commerce. Sadie Ama has just been playlisted by Jez Wellam, for those of you who don’t listen to any commercial daytime radio (yes we know its painful), Jez runs the Kiss FM drive time show. As you can see this is major money and airtime.

More and more vocalists have emerged as the scene has progressed, notable faces include Donae’o, KT Pearl, Sadie, Carly Bond, Louie Lou and a host of other sweet sounding individuals. It always takes one person to go against the grain and take the scene into a new frontier, Since Cameo started pushing the Rhythm and Grime (RnG) movement there has not been any real ripples.

Enter “The voice of Grime”… A compilation packed to brim with grime you can actually listen to with your significant other without getting turfed for noise pollution. As always we recommend you listen to the whole disc when you buy it from your local independent or HMV, which ever takes your fancy.

The tracks that I think you should watch out for are

Take you away – Sadie: with amazing song writing skills shown in lyrics such as “I think you need a Leo in your life and the courage I bring” Sadie (butter wouldn’t melt) is set to be a star.
Shyam ft Wretch – one wish: True Tiger orientated, this track has the feel of a ghetto ballad, with the movements Wretch all over it, flipping the subject matter from love to the hood life outlook.
Soundbowy Ents – never want to say: summer smasher, has this track opened the doors for more producers to jump on the RnG bandwagon?

In addition to this watch out for Menhaz (we got studio footage of this lady in action) and Amy King a new protégée aka rising aka voice of grime. Why is this a good look? Because we might actually start getting a good ratio of females to males in our raves… nuff said.

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Vultures have landed. Los soL

The garage scene is always evolving, some times I speak to kids and they have no idea of foundation emcees. SO thanks to Los Sol, we have a road lesson in Old School and New school Garage.
Vultures comes from the Los soL stables who are famous for having very high profile artists on their releases, this time they supply a uptempo mix with a 4X4 mix... watch out for apperances from Creed, fresh of the back of "Duppy", featuring with legends such as DT, PSG, B Live, CKP & Sharky P.
The "Grime mix" has lyrics supplied with kind regards from Former SLK artists Skrapsta, Big Mighty along side Def 1, Jayo and KO not to mention Donaeo. Check out the video link, more motion picture action will soon be avalible.

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12 mega 12 mega 12

get your skin down to the launch party next friday the 29th of september!
"PLEASE TELL ME" launch party @ the Astor Club, right next to China Whites and opposite Club 20.
its on Glasshouse street.
3 rooms of music and also check the myspace.....
striking 4orce
striking 4orce
striking 4orce-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
new music and ish on the myspace... leave some feedback and get involved!
Hoodstars B

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

last night dj 12 inch hit up laylow and brought slim az on the set with a next guy whos name I cant remember.... but this was a big moment, laylow has not even been on my radar for the last few months until now... its a good look.... we just have to wait and see if lay low will be back to its full potential and whether this is gona spark a change and make people up their game....anyone with any more info holla back... i need to know if laylow has a myspace and whether they are planning the live stream style of things...???

Tony The Tiger

Toni the Tiger is part of the HoodStars Team
Hes not a real Tiger of course, but has been know
to run wild in the concrete jungle.

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Sunday, September 17, 2006


3rdday, originally uploaded by fip_fashion. for more details

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bag of sand

big-bag-ad-3, originally uploaded by fip_fashion.

deep water soon landing

Bag of sand – Spitz Of Renwick

The review
Bag of sand – Spitz Of Renwick

Bag of sand is an interesting concept in its self as it has many metaphors. Just from looking at the stunning inside cover photo artwork you will notice that the idea of using bags of sand as defensive tools is explored as well as the cockney rhyming slang for "grands". Im not too sure what Spitz is trying to defend, but from the overtly positive tone it must be the posterity of UK Hip Hop.

Spitz is a unique character in the landscape of UK Hip hop. He probably stands alone with Mecca to Medina as the only Hip-hop in England with an Islamic tint. Although this is not so blatant on the album, when you do meet Spitz this becomes apparent.

He sometimes sounds as if he is preaching on the album, which can be hard to digest for an ear that is not trained in hearing this kind of music. At times he switches up his flow to suit the vibe of the track. A prime example is “don’t look back”. Another track that smacks of antiquity is the "cry blud". The Skippy vibe of this makes it a pleasure to listen to.

“Cry blud” is an obvious play on street slang. Another look at street culture is explored on track number nine with a famous sample that you will all recognise instantly if you are fans of Ashley Walters or not. The track tries to explore what the problem associated with street culture is. In my view this subject needs to be tackled again from a different point of view. Possibly a track with two people representing both sides of the argument.

The ideal behind representing both sides of the argument is somewhat lost on certain tracks as the Spitz relays how he feels about politics, war, gun culture, drugs and street life. At times spitz leaves these major issues, concentrates on his inner self, and lets us into his world and the events that have shaped him as a person and inevitably as an artist.

“Clocks ticken” with Faith SFX the UK beatbox champ and Purple, aka Purple Simba show us how he can express deep emotions that we are all aware of such as death, an event we will all have to deal with at some point in life. The same subject is delved into on “Say Goodbye”.

Nevertheless, there is more than one strand running through the album, and global politics is a major part of this. Home politics is the second strand. The other is the curse of human nature. If you are having relationship problems then have a close listen to Smoke, and “1 try”.

Spitz seems to shine most with a constellation of other stars behind him, and my track numero uno on the album has got to be No 6. I wont tell you who is on it, but the diversity of artist will make it a definite wheel up for all the conscious and non-conscious backpackers.

Its is rready for purchase with a custom made bag, not a bag of sand but a bag with the sort of amterial sand comes in. Make sure you get you collectors items, in Uptown, And other outlets. If you cant find it just contact one of the myspaces below directly.

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Dirty canvas

The review:

This was actually the first time I had experienced Dirty Canvas. I did not have any idea of what to expect. This was also the first time I had experienced the ICA, once again I had no idea of what to expect.

The whitewashed walls smacked of art deco, the crowd was built to match, some hood, some posh, some normal, some dressed extravagantly. As long as we get more mainstream media and keep drawing crowds with a mix like that the scene can get more diverse. Perfect example was the “advertorial” which ran last week in the Evening Standard promoting this event.

The music was perfect, the skills of Madame Collins on the decks brought us a warm up, a bit of bashment, a bit of US a bit of grime. DJ Magic hit the set hard with the Renegade boys. One of my favourite moments was hearing Renegade tear down pulse X. they controlled the set perfectly showing a lot of maturity and good public relations. Watch out for these guys this year, project are forthcoming on the NuVibes label. The Plastician switched the game up by throwing down an old school garage set, pure genius, the vibes set the tone for the next segment.

As it was Ruff Sqwads mixtape launch (go out and buy "Guns and Roses II") and boy better know were appearing everyone was waiting for these crews to arrive. The crowd got a surprise in the shape of Jammer who jumped on the set with Boy Better Know. The crowd’s response was amazing, not just for Jammer but for the rest of Boy better Know. Wiley was a no show, but he whereabouts were accounted for.

I didn’t manage to catch much of Ruff Sqwad but got a smacking interview with JME while they were on set. Watch out for that footage so to be released on the myspace and blog. Forthcoming DVD project will have more exclusives like that on it.

The vibe was on a family tip, networking was going on like crazy, and this is the place to be without a doubt. London’s situation with grime-based events leaves a bit to be desired but when Dirty Canvas becomes established in the mainstream then it will solidify Grime as a viable format for the masses.

Note to venue, please please sort the air con for next time…

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clean my canvas

1089525344_l, originally uploaded by fip_fashion.

clean my canvas

New monthly club / live music event
Launches Saturday 9 September, 2006
7.30pm – 2am

Dirty Canvas and Straight Outta Bethnal present:
Ruff Sqwad, DJ Plastician and Boy Better Know
+ DJs Cameo (1xtra), Magic (Soul 2 Streets), Hattie (RWD) and
Carmen Selektra (Touch)

‘Dirty Canvas represents a highly unusual foray of Grime (Grime — an acronym for "Got Revolution In My Eyes")... music into “uptown” culture.’
Matthew Ingram (The Wire, Jan 2006)

On Saturday 9 September, 2006 the ICA launches a new monthly club night, Dirty Canvas, which will showcase live performances from talented underground artists emerging from the grime and dubstep scenes. Following a successful year at the Whitechapel Art Gallery, Dirty Canvas is taking up residence at the ICA, where it will continue to present new acts and raise the roof on this musically innovative, constantly evolving and creatively cutting-edge urban scene.

The opening night, co-curated with Straight Outta Bethnal will feature one of the grime scene’s best kept secrets Ruff Sqwad, who (like Dizzee Rascal and Wiley) hail from East London’s grime epicentre – Bow E3. If Ruff Sqwad had a US hiphop equivalent it would be Wu-Tang-Clan, with their fierce loyalty to the collective, their hugely distinctive and impressive productions and the range of vocal talent on offer. Although still only teenagers, Ruff Sqwad have been together for over four years and in that time have put together an impressive body of work, in particular the brilliant ‘Guns and Roses II’ mixtape, which will be available at the night.

Ruff Sqwad will be joined by dubstep pioneer Plastician, who will present the scene’s biggest tunes, including many of his own productions. Plastician started DJing at the tender age of sixteen and played on a number of London pirate stations before moving to his BBC Radio One show. Aged eighteen, his self produced track 'Venom' gained him early notoriety and two years later, he started label Terrorhythm Recordings and established his name as key producer in both dubstep and grime scenes. In 2004, Plastician toured the USA with Aphex Twin's Rephlex label and featured on Rephlex's 'Grime' album.

Also taking the stage will be members of grime’s biggest supergroup Boy Better Know, featuring JME, Skepta, Wiley and DJ Maximum.

The second ICA Dirty Canvas will take place on Saturday 14 October. Lined-up are the Newham Generals and The Movement.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

8th bfm Intl Film Fest kicks off

The 8th bfm International Film Festival runs 8 to 15 September bringing a line-up of over 60 films to London screens. These range from features to documentaries, from shorts to experimental film. Several programmes will run including a Caribbean strand, a Latin strand, and African storytelling. The UK Talent strand, in conjunction with Time Out London on Screen, showcases UK talent past and present. From Horace Ove's classic film, Pressure, to Stephen Lloyd Jackson's drama, Rulers and Dealers*. The closing gala film will be Life & Lyrics* the soon to be released feature starring Ashley Walters. The UK Short Film Awards at the Prince Charles Cinema will bring the festival to a close. Seven of the best contemporary UK film-makers have been selected to showcase their work. The 8th bfm International Film Festival is supported by the National Lottery through the UK Film Council and Film London's Audience Development Fund.

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Another post from SUCKYAMODA


Now EVERY weekday between 6.30pm and 7.30pm you cant reach me. You know why? I am a hollyoaks addict. I like the simplicity of what they do, the acting is crap, the girls are half decent (*** bit of lippy and I would poke em after a drink or 4*****). The plots are inane and all in all it’s a fucking joke.

Now all was going swimmingly with the writing team of Hollyoaks, till some clever Blunt thought, “we haven’t had Negroes on the show in a while, lets get some Negroes”….Why do white folk do this, they think they are being politically correct and im sure their hearts might have been in the right place, but….. but…..but…..Look what we get We get the Valentines:

Mother: Diane Valentine - Deceased
Father: Leo Valentine
Brother: Sonny Valentine
Sister: Sashay Valentine

Previous residence
24 Longton Road,
(on the Fairview Estate)

this is their previous address as stated on the Hollyoaks website even though they all have London accents, (**** what the fuck****)???

The problem with this family, is those WHITE COLONIAL RACIST bastards (WHO PULL THE SRTINGS) have to typecast BLACK families all the time. Could they have been a family that was as affluent as Toni Richardson and own a business? NO NO NO NO, (***** in a kanye-esque style ala No 1********)

Could they have been a stable family unit that were upwardly mobile and all had jobs in media and lived it up? NO NO NO NO NO!

Instead we get, a drunk black father figure who was never there for his kids and slept around with his dead wife’s friends, then walked out on his family and is a gambling addict…with his puffy cheek like a fucking chipmunk… Yes im sure his is a positive role model for all black kids and also it shows a good example of black fathers to all them white kiddies up north and in fucking Shropshire county.

So that’s the dad, now before the moms got licked down by a drunk blunt, she was the typical kinda black mother that they only allow on TV, almost white, worked so so hard to bring up her kids on her own, such a struggle, so much hardship, bad husband and she still HAD TIME, YES, HAD TIME, OH YES TO MAKE CHICKEN (******Don’t forget we black folks love chicken*******).

Ok and to make sure that they didn’t make all black characters negative stereotypes, they made the oldest brother, a policeman, (**** imagine that ****) lets be real, no black people who could get a real job opt to be a coppers

I ain’t even started on this bullshit family they serving us up,

1) Both their parents were dark motherfuckers, but all the kids look mixed

race!!! Can we please have some DARK DARK WESLEY SNIPE LOOKING actors ON T.V!!!

2) The younger brother who is always vex, they are blatantly going to stitch him up as a drug dealer soon enough, and he will have an untimely demise

3) The older brother who is a good guy wears a thin chain all the time and the younger brother who is our BAD-BOY, rocks a chunky silver number. I love the mindset of aging white trendy cocksuckers, IS that the determining factor in if a black guy is a thug or a lover.

Ok so I’m still gonna watch it, I need to find out if Max finally knocks out Claire. Afterward which Obi and Max would proceed to spit roast her.

That would be real entertainment.

So till that happens, im left cringing at what is being broadcast about typical black families to much of Greater England. I mean Hollyoaks is the most watched teen drama in the country so if your black and get weird looks when out in COUNTRY you know whom to blame.

Does anyone know if any of the Hollyoaks writing staff are of ethnic origin, I mean if they hold the reins to the most popular television teen drama, then they have a lot to do with shaping opinions, views and perceptions that are maintained. (****BRING EM OUT, BRING EM OUT, THEY CANT TALK SHIT WHEN THE BARREL IN THEIR MOUTH****)

Quick 1

Leo from the Streets completely flopped it on Celebrity Love Island. I mean, the chick is obviously a “skettle monger”, Callum Best finished her, and dude was still all over it. I mean, what happened to the days of keeping it P.I.M.P. Leo if you’re reading this, you need to phone HITCH!!! Trust me blud, you too used to bedding ‘mindless 13yr old Mike Skinner hand-me-down’ groupies that you forgot your killer instinct blud!! A Lion without its roar.

Educate yourselves bitches….

This Posts Reading Reference IS

Pimp: The Story of My Life (Paperback)

By Iceberg Slim

Questions will be asked next week…


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they read my press release....

they read my press release.... and thought lets get a pro to do it.

Happy Reading....


The debut feature film from award-winning writer/director Julius Amedume "A Goat’s Tail” will premier at The Prince Charles Cinema, London at 8.30 p.m. on Friday, September 1.

This 2 hour dramatic edgy film noir follows the journey of one man (Kojo), whose cautionary tale circles the depths of the dark face of London. Kojo (played by newcomer Godfred Nortey) is a taxi driver and wannabe hustler living and working in Ghana, West Africa. His luck (or so he thinks) is in when he picks up Cynthia (Lesley Cook), a beautiful young British tourist. Cynthia reluctantly promises to invite Kojo to England. Four months later, Kojo arrives on Cynthia's doorstep. Filled with ambitions of fulfilling his dreams of succeeding as a poet and gaining fame and fortune, it soon begins to dawn on him that the grass might not be greener on the other side and people are never quite what they seem….

This exciting new film also guest stars Simon James Morgan (Seed of Chucky), Jason Ramsay (The Fifth Element) and Danny John Jules (Lock Stock…, Blade 2, Red Dwarf), and features the first movie role for two of the seminal voices of the UK underground garage music scene MC Creed and T.

Julius Amedume, Director said I’m really excited and proud to see my labour of love finally make it to the big screen. It’s been a long struggle with a lot of trials, tribulations and limited resources. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a lot of support and the opportunity to work with some the most talented people working not only in film, but spoken word and music. I think it just goes to underpin the current strength of the talent in not just Britain but Africa also. And I hope I can continue to bring a mass audience, compelling characters and interesting stories

The premier, will be followed by Q & A session with Amedume and a number of the film’s stars.

Tickets for the premier are £8. and are available from:

Prince Charles Cinema Box Office:
7 Leicester Place, WC2
0870 811 2559

The After party will be at:
93-107 Shaftesbury Avenue W1
Tickets: Film plus After party tickets are £13 Available from

For further information, press tickets or a press pack, please contact Amedume Films on:

T: +44 (0) 7930 580 012
+44 (0) 7944 520 069
W: and

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

image001, originally uploaded by fip_fashion.

this stunning film premiers
On the first of September
At the prince Charles cinema

Kojo is a taxi driver working the streets of Accra,
He meets a British tourist who promises streets of gold
and an invitation to England.

Kojo arrives unexpected and has a head full of ambition and dreams that need to be fulfilled
It soon becomes apparent that the grass is not always greener on the other side...
and people are not what they seem.

Oh yeah, there is an after party....

And Emcee " we di di did doing it again" Creed is in it, but he wont be doing a live PA of Duppy....


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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Monday, August 07, 2006

little chif Kopie

Lil Chif
Soon come EP

Usually when im researching a subject I start with a google search, it always opens up more possibilities and gives me leads to work with. So after receiving Lil chifs “soon come “ EP in the post I sat down and listened to it, and listened to it again, and kept it on repeat on an off and on basis for the whole week.

Usually I get sick of the CD by midweek… however, it may seem like I struck gold, black gold… Adeleke Awoyinka is Nigerian ex pat that has spent much of his time here, and also in Paris hence the strong twang in his voice, which sets him apart from other UK rappers on the market.

With this EP we get an introduction to a very cultured Londoner who epitomises what London is about in this day and age, diversity. Not just racial diversity but artistic diversity. Chif has used this ideal and collaborated with legends from other genres, including Det and Shabba D, Jamelia, Leon Black and Asher D. anyone with good enough research skills can track down some of this material (try google).

The album is defiantly a London slice of life with the first track breaking down the language used on the streets, even though I had the radio edits I could still fill in the naughty bits, the album is a personal view which many people will be able to relate to.

"I spend my time trying to chase my imagination and live my daydreams through my music, apart from that I just sign on and smoke.!?" Chifizm

“London” is based on the Chifs view of london from the borough of hackney or hack town, it breaks down the language used on street level and would be a good tool to have if you just landed in the murky “rues” of london. Go describes a desire to get out of the city even though the artist loves the city… “Breathe” is one of my favourites, poignantly pleas for a change during hard times contrastingly "gimme" flips the script and pokes fun at the materialistic attitude of the music industry and society as a whole.

The whole project is imaginative and eclectic in terms of the themes, the melodies and the content. The beats will reminisce of the music kids from the early 80’s grew up on, and in the case of “know my name” the music that fans of the Beatles grew up on.

Not content with being a musical genius, the Chif stars in animations which can be found on you tube, as well as a well-shot video titled "Sirens". The most enjoyable thing about the artist known as Lil Chif, is the twang he hits the tracks with, very fresh with a hint of African… watch this space for some grime collabs…

Going back to the google search, Lil Chif threw out a good amount of media to keep me busy and keep my mind off writing this review, but it was all worth the while, I now think I understand this nutter a little more…

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New Writer for FIP....

Written by London's Typewriter Sniper*****SUCKYAMODA*******
I dunno, there is a lot of hype, people seem charmed by her school girl-esque performances, and the fact that she sings outta key, and also the fact that she’s a bit plump and the kinda girl who is "the not so fit one standing next to the nice ting you really want to chat to", best hope you got bredrin whos into that sort of thing...
****at times mans just have to do it for the team*******
You feel me?
I did try to listen with an open mind but I find it funny that the standard of music that is allowed to slide by under the "pop" banner is lower
****limbo bitches****
than a lot of the "urban" acts that are not allowed to see the light of day.
Ok, so Plan B, I don’t get it.... dude has a guitar, a lot of anger and some mediocre lyrics,he has been heralded as the new truth, the voice of the youth, the light that shines out of Ken Livingstones arse to beam on london. Im sorry, dude was on the NME awards and they had people in the rows laughing at him, and he cant speak for me cos my mum was never in love with a crackhead. Why cant we have innercity music that celebrates the fact that we all get along, the sun does come out and also that black people need to make some money
****Race card!! Race card!! *****

Maybe im being too harsh, but is it me alone who notices the trend in the kinda of artists that are allowed to slip through the net alright, sway is on the mercury shortlist, which is definitely a good look for us, but so were many others. Is that all we are allowed, a chance at 20K and a plaque, next day paper coverage and then ciao papi

*** Wheres the she-boy who won it last year? *****

We need daytime TV, we need t4, we need Choong family in the big brother house and Radio1/Kiss/Magic/Radio 4/ west Midlands hospital radio & that malteser-head ***Mandela**** playing more than what labels hand over to them during power lunches at some wanky restaurant.

Is it this the kind of condition that forces the migration of the talent from these shores to areas codes in different time zones what happens in 5-10 years time to black music in this country? Are we relegated to having to shuffle from foot to foot from one trend to another, best hope you don’t get too old for the new trend blud, another new name, another free magazine and bunch of critics and hacks to make up fancy new ways of saying the same old shit...

If the end is nigh then we best go out with a bang in closing, if I have missed the true merits of either of the artists that I mentioned, holla at me and show me the truth, cos I personally would have to use their cds as weed plates.
What’s up with Mark Ronson, that bitch is meant to be producing Saigon but he’s chasing Robbie Williams’s batty ass.......



Editors note....
Most people make a quiet entrance with their first article but SUCKYAMODA
has chosen the alternative entrance... get used to him cos he is not going to tone down...

Stay blessed.
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What Tony said to Snoop

What Tony said to Snoop
Tim Dowling
Thursday August 3, 2006The Guardian

The scene: the Sky bar at the Mondrian Hotel, Hollywood, on Monday night where Adidas is hosting a party. Among the guests are several Premiership footballers, Stevie Wonder, Snoop Dogg and Tony Blair. The prime minister sips a cocktail while admiring the view.
Snoop Dogg approaches.
Snoop Dogg: Yo, Blair.
Tony Blair: You know, I really wish people would stop saying that, it's just ... oh, hello. Puff Daddy, is it?
SD: Call me Snoop.
TB: Always changing your names, you lot. Can't keep up.
SD: Fo' shizzle ma nizzle.
TB: Hmm.
SD: Dat middle east bizzle is out of control.
TB: Well, it not quite as simple as that, you see.
SD: Need a immediate ceasefire, multinational security force in South Lebanon, political framework for a lasting settlement.
TB: Yes, of course. I'm down with that, obviously [attempts a complicated handshake with Snoop. Snoop declines].
SD: You need to get Bush to move on this, him and Condolizzle, got to do the bizzle.
TB: Well I am hoping to persuade them to take a more ...
SD: Can't be the president's bitch all the time.
TB: Look, I don't think it's fair to say I'm his bitch. I find the insinuation, frankly, rather whack.
SD: Time to rethink the whole strategizzle, put together a new agenda on poverty, trade, climate, whatever. All that shit.
TB: Which is, I think you'll find, more or less what I told the World Affairs Council just ...
SD: The World Affairs Council is WAC. Marinate on that, prime mizzle.
TB: Obviously I'll be marinating on a lot of things between now and ... perhaps you'd like to come to Britain in the near future to discuss these ideas further, perhaps speak at the party conference like my close personal friend Bono.
SD: No can do. My boyz got into it at Heathrow duty-free and I been banned.
TB: That was you? You're Ice T?
SD: I'm a Diet Sprite actually, but if you're goin to the bar ...
[The prime minister leaves to talk to Vidal Sassoon]
full marks to Tim...
classic... watch out for the grime sketches...

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

schools out

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

london state of life

“Streets is talking ” ……about London State of Mind

theres a new film about to break the mould of uk film....
What is FIP? spoke to Pablo, Diablo & Soldier from the forthcoming London State Of Mind

If you were to walk into uptown records and look at the rack displaying UK Mix tapes it seems like the scene is healthy and well, but what will be the look for the near future? It looks like the music is getting more musical. As summer looms you can bet on loads of ladies tunes being dropped to reflect the summer vibe, hopefully this will get our club scene back.

Leaving music aside, the black British film industry seem to be blossoming. Since Bulletboy, the rest of the film world has been waiting on another black film release. From the talk on the streets it seems that everyone was locked to Dubplate Drama, a classic example of what the scene could be. Then this year there was a mini explosion! Kidulthood, Rolling With The Nines, and forthcoming London state of mind (LSOM) and A Goats Tail are part of the new wave of British media.

When you listen to the soundtracks its quite obvious that street music makes up a significant part of these films, but will the associations between crime and black music tarnish the young film industry? London state of mind takes issues of the street and music and goes even deeper on the subject, taking you deeper into the “hood” than rolling with the nines (go see it if you have not already).

Pablo, the main character, is a hood star that has just ‘landed road’ and is trying to go straight and break away from the streets. However, he has direct ties to the roads, this could be his fatal flaw. He is directly involved with Diablo and Bush, the former being bad and the later is being badder. Diablo is the epitome of the roads; he represents the elements of the scene that are more road than rhythm, more street than sound and behind bars, not spitting bars. Bush is Diablo’s elder, you could compare him to Debo from Friday, he is a straight bastard and proud of it. Neither Diablo nor Bush are trying to come off road or use the road as means to a better ends.

After talking to their alter egos, I found out more about the real life characters that make them film what it is. Unsurprisingly all the main actors have strong opinion on the state of affairs in the scene and on the roads. However, more surprisingly they all have a music careers and are not professional actors but have had acting roles in TV and film. Soldier who plays a misguided youth from a broken home is Rowdy MIC, and has starred in Dubpate Dramas along side Shystie.

The film is graphic and the ideal is to create a deterrent to crime, but is this a double-edged sword? Soldier felt that either way bad press was bound to surface, so by being real and addressing issues the film does more good than bad. Soldier also believes LSOM is on a par with Bulletboy, if not better. He had no apologies for the ‘rawness’ of the film, saying it was needed to represent the ‘realness’ of the roads and to be a deterrent to crime. This was a view also shared by Diablo.

Diablo, also known as Blase shared views on a youth culture out of control, but these words seem to echo what every passing generation says about their Youngers. I personally don’t know for sure if the younger generation is really as bad as Kidulthood sets out, but the press would have us believe so. According to Diablo, things will get a lot worse before they get better unless the authorities stand up and take note of what is happening and unless our communities become stronger and wiser especially in the years from latter primary school to adulthood (kidulthood?).

Pablo flipped the script and talked about the influence of the road on music and music on the road. He admits that both are integral to each other. He explained that his character in the film has no regrets for having a road mentality as it gives him the material he needs to be an artist. It also gives him a perspective that he can pass on to others. "The real life" Pablo thinks the UK is too accessible; there are no hood stars yet in the respect that the UK scene has not reached its full potential. The other side of his argument was that the roads can turn the means to a good end. However street ties always catch up with you; it’s inevitable. I quizzed him on the other parts of the UK scene and he gave me a run down of the best films from the scene so far, in this order: Bullet boy was the classic coming joint top with rolling with the nine, then kidulthood, obviously London state of mind came top of the pile. Kidulthood gave one view of our youth culture, but Pablo felt it was exaggerated, London state of mind delved deeper into the issue and showed us about gun culture. Bulletboy showed how situations can get out of control and how it’s hard to land road and stay straight, an issue looked at deeper by London state of mind.

The story behind the film shows what like-minded people can do if they put heads together. The whole project is a Brainchild of Dice Recordings and was handled by the film production arm of their operations. The whole project was not government funded, but came from the community and has a strong Community focus – the main message behind that is that you can do something without funding, so don’t sit around waiting, put your material out and get feedback.

The film tried to be as real as possible so there were not too many cameo roles unlike Dubplate Drama (new series coming), do watch out for Shystie and DJ “killah cam” Cameo. Keep checking the website for updates, any emerging film talent should holler at the company via the site or the myspace. Make sure you get the Soundtrack made especially for the film, but also with some classic road anthems

The CEO of the whole Dice project left me with a set of words that epitomise the movement that is being fostered, he said “The reality is that the reality of this film is what is real life for many people – we are not trying to hide the truth.

Written by What is FIP?

Sunday, June 25, 2006


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The project aims to fund activities here and within Africa.
This night boasts names such as LADY FURY & AMY KING, BMD, NIKKI S & NIKE. And those are just the pa's.

Be sure to come down to catch Live linq from choice, Little Zeeks, Tiny T and Dark P.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Radio Show

You can now catch your fav stars from the hood on REACT 997, also the live stream can now be accessed from react fm's myspace

click on the real flash player and select the standalone realplayer to navigate away from the site and play using your own realplayer program.

The show will be a mixture of showcase, interviews, documentaries, and live sets from inside and outside the scene. Expect to have your mind stretched on a Saturday.

Stay Blessed


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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Brunos Mixtape

Dubstep Coma, The Latest mixtape from Bruno Belluomini is already online, Available for download. Dubstep Coma is a 14 songs selection mixed and recorded live. The DJ and producer Bruno Belluomini just put for download his most recent mixtape. It contains, besides exponents from the Dubstep genre, proper productions cut in dubplate to test before the vinyl release. The chosen selection reflects the cream of Dubstep, the style that gains more force and new adepts each day. Cyrus comes from Croydon, prolific cradle of the style in the south London region. His last promo mix contains tracks that promise to shake the scene in the next months. Pinch, Tectonic label manager and the man behind Dubloaded and the Subloaded parties, comes from Bristol. His well succeeded initiative already released names as Moving Ninja and Omen. Also from Bristol comes Appleblim, the man behind the party and label Skull Disco. Mark One brings his famous crossover between Dubstep, Grime and Electro from Manchester. Kudos, on his turn, presents "BTown", the most expressive track from his recent The City EP. Loefah, Coki and Mala don't need comments: they are the "dons" of the scene and promote serious sysmic shocks in Brixton with their DMZ, one ofthe most significative and important night in the circuit. D1, one of the youngest and most talented producers, released by the seminal label Tempa, also marks presence.
Bruno Belluomini is a brazilian DJ, producer and promoter concerned with fresh, new forms of music. He runs several weekly and montly projects and plays at several radio shows. His mixed sets, productions and other informations can be found at Besides this, Bruno Belluomini is an approved DMC chart returner and his chart can be found in several online forums and published magazines.
Send your promos to:
Bruno Belluomini
Alameda Lorena
799 Apto. 103
São Paulo -
CEP 01424-001

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A quick word from Charles

We have just uploaded a Gallery at Saatchi's online portal for web based artists, Charles was so delighted that he sent us a small thank you....


Very happy to see your work on the gallery site.

I am thrilled that the standard is so high from such a variety of artists and hope it will be interesting to gallery owners, exhibition curators and collectors to see such diverse work.

All my best,

Charles Saatchi

check it out, and see work from FIP and other artist that have worked on the photographic side of our modest site.

sorry to all those who are waiting for editorial features, its a busy time of year for us academics. And we dont mean the clothing brand...

What is FIP?

Thursday, April 27, 2006


If you are not at A Goats Tail (see below) then head down to east London. The East End Film Festival kicks off 7pm tonight (Thursday), at theGenesis Cinema in Mile End.

Richard E. Grant will introduce the London Premiere of his semi-autobiographical directorial debut, Wah Wah.The East End Film Festival (27th April 2006 - 4th May 2006) brings aweek long series of unique film-inspired experiences to venues acrossEast London.Featuring the creme of emerging UK filmmakers, plus some of the mostestablished and skilled filmmakers in the industry all comingtogether at the festival to celebrate independent film in the heartof the East End.For more details of the full programme and how to book tickets

visit and support UK independent film on your doorstep!

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Preview Screening:Thursday 27th of April 2006

At The Coronet Cinema, 103 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3LB

7:15pm Reception, 7:45pm Film Screening

Merchanidise - Raffles - Refreshments

Advance Tickets available @10 go to and visit the noticeboard

[only 200 Seats Available]


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Obenewa - she does what it says on the flyer.

New UK soulfood plus live band is a great way to top off your no work monday.


FRIDAY - Beach Club - Brighton

This friday, the mighty Heartless Crew profile down on the south coast.

As the summer wheather starts to creep in the south coast is definatly set to become a summer time raving spot.

Obsessions have a monthly event profiling the best of street sounds from the UK.

So with out much further ado make sure you make it down to Beach Club on friday for some female skankers and man dem with their heart in the music.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


menage and S2g pon the flyer so get ure skins down there.

Big up Kemia productions!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Film Screening & discussion with Love Music Hate Racism
Westminster university has a screening of the LOVEMUSIC HATE RACISIM DOCUMENTARY at Dragon bar......

The film tracks the rise of racism and the National Front in Britain during the 70s - and how a generation, black and white - fought back against the Nazi threat. The story uses a wealth of interviews with the leading artists and activists who created RAR - many speaking for the first time about what happened. Including unseen footage from The Clash, The Libertines, The Specials, Ms Dynamite, Pete Doherty, Steel Pulse, Misty in Roots, X-Ray Spex, Sham 69, Estelle and Babyshambles. Followed by discussion with Salima & Nicky Blackmarket..

Tuesday 6-7pm (before end of term bash @ The Dragon Bar!) £3 film screening only
Wells Street, Room 106

More info call/txt: Livs 07789353610 or Salima 07946087853
Email: /

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


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and many many
more talented UK artists, Get your tickets now!

Date: Thursday 6th April Time: 8.30 pm

Location: The Ritzy, Brixton, SW2 1JG

Price: £8.50 (Includes private party and a Q&A SESSION AND THE ACTORS & PRODUCERS THEMSELVES!)

Box office: buy tickets in advance at or
call 08707 55 00 62

Anna Kiss n Tell

Well hasn't she been busy? Oh yes she has…

Young Miss Anna Kiss has been recovering from a long bout of djing in Napa and has
decided to take the UK sound out of its homeland and teach the world a thing or two.

We caught up her by way of post card

Anna writes

Hi guys,

Well, you might have not heard from me for a while, so here's an update for you...

I've recently returned from playing at Mannheim's "Bass Nights" in
Germany which was great fun. It's always a pleasure to play there as
the people know how to party... and appreciate my darker side ;o)

I will shortly be starting a brand new weekly show on Cyprus' leading radiostation Dance FM. After doing pirate for so long its a pleasure to be on legal radio, but I do miss my Freeze listeners! There are guest appearances and other shows in the pipeline though, which I will let you know about in due course.

For now, my website has just had a complete redesign (, and been updated with some audio. Bouncin Basslines is a mix of mine, up exclusively on an Australian website ( There's also a live mix from my summer in Ayia Napa (featuring MC Flirta D with some classic & new UKG flava's), a recording of one of my Freeze shows (for any of my listeners that miss the shows!), and for the anti-garage crew, theres also an old Funky House mix I dug out. More House mixes very soon.

There is also a clip of my first journey into production "4ward March".
This shows that darker side I was on about before! I'm working on lots of varied bits-n-pieces at the moment and this page will now be continuously updated, so keep checking in!

I was asked to do an interview for a great site; it’s now up on: Check it out!

Friday, March 24, 2006


ITN is offering free use of its amazing archive, which contains over 700,000 hours of footage dating back from 1896 to the present day. All entrants need to do is prepare a pitch for a 3 minute documentary and submit it at The four best ideas will be commissioned by Channel 4 and broadcast in its 3 Minute Wonder slot. The filmmakers will also receive a special free invitation to the first BRITDOC festival (26-28 July) where their films will be screened.

Peter Dale, Head of More4, said: “Nurturing and encouraging new talent is vital if we want Britain to continue to be the home of the brightest documentary talent, and this competition is a fantastic way of encouraging new filmmakers to get their films on air. The ITN archive provides a wonderful source of inspiration and I look forward to seeing some exciting and fresh ideas.”


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The Music Industry Raw
Pirates, Clubs, House and Garage

By Tony Portelli

In a fascinating account of one of the world’s most complex business environments and one man’s journey through it, The Music Industry Raw is part biography, part dissection and part educational guide that follows a young boy who was inspired by London, family life, football and music – a love that nearly ended in a long-term prison sentence.

Fortunately Tony, like many who went on to succeed because of his drive and direction, was given another chance. That chance turned into his “sliding doors effect,” and had a direct and positive effect on his life and those of others.

“What has been written within these pages, a first of its kind from a genre, is probably the most contentious behind-the-scenes book ever penned about the music industry,” Tony says.

Within the book, Tony dissects such acts as The Streets, Ms Dynamite, So Solid, MJ Cole, Luck and Neat and many more. He explores why the “sexy and stylish scene went into free fall,” and where the music industry is today.

He also predicts the future hits from nu skool and takes readers behind the scenes at the awards ceremonies. Will the dot com revolution destroy or enhance the music industry? Tony offers his thoughts as he peruses “the 10 greatest UK house and garage records.”

An insightful and candid exposé on a multibillion-dollar system that was usurped by many of the performers it failed to assist, The Music Industry Raw pulls no punches. This is the backstage pass every serious music fan should not be without.

Tony Portelli is creator of a leading London record label and manager for one of the pioneering acts over the past decade. He became part creator of a genre of music that took inspiration and street culture and turned it into careers for many who also had a dream.




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Hot on the heels of Kidulthood is a new movie based this time in North London.

Word from the CEO of the label producing this movie is that it is almost due for release. The trailer is running on the website (

The sound track is very UK, featuring the like of Shystie, Sway, Skinny Man, Big Narstie, Kele le Roc, JME, Swiss, Bruza, Kano, Ghetto, Choong Fam with production from P.jam, Terror Danja and Skepta

This IS out straight from the streets AND is about music and crime.p.s dont forget look out for dub plate drama series part 2 another dicerecordings brain child.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Saturday, March 04, 2006



On the weekend of Ghanaian Independence we have prepared a small peice on two influential Ghanaians who were key in the changes in the politics and life of Ghanaians.

Nkrumah, Kwame (1909-1972)

Kwame Nkrumah became the first prime and later president of Ghana. He was born on September 21, 1909, at Nkroful in what was then the British-ruled Gold Coast, the son of a goldsmith. Trained as a teacher, he went to the United States in 1935 for advanced studies and continued his schooling in England, where he helped organize the Pan-African Congress in 1945. He returned to Ghana in 1947 and became general secretary of the newly founded United Gold Coast Convention but split from it in 1949 to form the Convention People's party(CPP). After his 'positive action' campaign created disturbances in 1950, Nkrumah was jailed, but when the CPP swept the 1951 elections, he was freed to form a government, and he led the colony to independence as Ghana in 1957. A firm believer in African liberation, Nkrumah pursued a radical pan-African policy, playing a key role in the formation of the Organization of African Unity in 1963. As head of government, he was less successful however, and as time passed he was accused of forming a dictatorship. In 1964 he formed a one-party state, with himself as president for life, and was accused of actively promoting a cult of his own personality. Overthrown by the military in 1966, with the help of western backing, he spent his last years in exile, dying in Bucharest, Romania, on April 27, 1972. His legacy and dream of a "United States of African" still remains a goal among many.

Nkrumah was the motivating force behind the movement for independence of Ghana, then British West Africa, and its first president when it became independent in 1957. His 1965 work Neocolonialism, the last stage of imperialism, shares with Che Guevara the credit for introducing the concept of “neocolonialism.”

Further Reading:Neocolonialism, the last stage of imperialism, 1965

Yaa Asantewaa: see below

Yaa Asantewaa

Yaa Asantewaa (c. 1840-1921) was appointed Queen Mother of Edweso, a state in the Asante union in Ghana, by her brother, Nana Akwasi Afrane Okpese.During her brother's reign, Yaa Asantewwa saw the Ashanti Kingdom fall into a terrible spell. King Nana Akwasi Afrane Okpese wanted to expand the Ashanti Confederacy into an empire as great as that of Ghana Empire and the Europeans. Thus war was declared on the Fante and Ga, and new alliances were formed with the Dutch and then with the British, which resulted in the loss of the Dutch alliance. To obtain firearms, the King sold his own people as slaves; he also used slaves to build his palace. Many died under his reign. Upset and distressed by her brother's deeds, Yaa Asantewwa rebelled. Yaa Asantewwa's rebellion was a major blow to her brother's plans, because she had the support of the people of Edweso, as well as the Fante people situated in near and around Kumasi. When her brother died in about 1894, Yaa Asantewaa used her prerogative as Queen Mother to nominate her own grandson as King of Edweso. When her grandson was sent into exile in 1896, Yaa Asantewwa became regent. After the British deported the King of the Asante, she became leader in the war of resistance in 1900, supported by some male leaders.Eyewitness accounts from Edweso indicate that Yaa Asantewaa herself did not physically take up arms to fight. Rather, she was a tactician, strategist, and inspirational leader. She visited the soldiers in the battlefield to ascertain how they were faring. She also gave directions and advice and supplied gunpowder. Eventually, Queen Yaa Asantewaa was captured, but by whom remains a mystery, as does her ultimate fate. Some say she was sent to the Seychelles islands off Africa's east coast, and others say she was turned over to the King and secretly killed, which was the fate of most chiefs who became prisoners of war.Yaa Asantewaa remains a much-loved figure in Asante history for the courage she showed in confronting injustice and the colonialism of the British.Retrieved from "

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

SLK article on the myspace..

SLK Article on the new blogspot

kano at astoria


from "get set - 679 recordings"

When news of Kano’s concert being cancelled reached the street level immediately there were parallels drawn between the way in which So Solid were locked down in their hey day. The surprise, which was most peoples reaction was due to the fact that Kano has never been at the center of a public scandal of the same nature of those from So Solid.

At the beginning of the performance Kano did talk about the previous concert that did not happen and sounded hurt at the cancellation, he also mentioned the significance of the night. As he was not being paid it was “all love”.

Nevertheless Kano returned with a next date early this month to give the fan what they had been waiting for. The venue was London Astoria, a significant venue for many reasons. The night proved that the scene has lot riding for it and that it can be the forefront a musical revolution. The crowd was very mixed and was probably what Kano has become used to after doing a nationwide tour.

Kano performed a good few tracks from the album “home sweet home”, those who are familiar will know Ps and Qs, typical me and the current track, brown eyes. Then the usual stage show ensued, with a performance from former members of his old crew in the style of a dj set from sidewinder. It seemed some of the crowd was not familiar with this format, in my opinion this is the most important part of being a UK artist: staying true to your roots, the same ethos held Hip Hop legends that made their scene what it is today.

Unfortunately the night seemed half finished when the curtains were called at 9.30. I feel this was not what the crowd were looking for and that particular move made the “concert” seem as if it was not on a par with other shows.

p.s. watch out for


Its’ been 2 months since its’ high profile launch at ITV and already, organisers of the British Urban Film Festival (BUFF) have had to extend the deadline for entries ahead of announcing their shortlist later next month. BUFF has been billed as the UK’s biggest competitive festival of its’ kind, creating 3 competition categories: (Best) Feature, (Best) Short Film & (Best) Music Video.In addition, there will be a showcase of selected films & music videos for broadcast on-line and on-air as well as behind-the-scenes programming chronicling the festival, filmmakers & independent cinema. Sources at BUFF Enterprises have confirmed that they’re currently accepting submissions through until Tuesday February 21 in the aforementioned categories.Selected films will be judged by a panel of industry professionals and will compete for a ‘buffy’ award, voted for by the general public. All winners will be announced at ‘The Buffies’ awards ceremony, the climax to the British Urban Film Festival in late Spring 2006.The 8 day event also includes first-run features, documentaries & short films from the UK and abroad. In addition to the screenings, a distribution arm will be set up to license all nominated films under the umbrella of BUFF Enterprises, attracting buyers for UK and international film/TV markets.For full details about how to enter films, log on to the festival website:

One Samurai - more A to Z

More street than the A to Z presented by one Samurai

DJ Samurai is a hip-hop producer from the UK who also ghost writers (weak rhymers apply here), spits, and DJ’s. Recently he has turned his hands to the camera.

The product that landed on the streets was a take on the legendary A-Z maps that tell you everything about how to get to where you are going. The analogy is quite obvious. If you want to know about the scene then get this in your DVD collect.

The highlights are the news and views from the artists that have been coming up on the streets last year. Kila Kela features, as does Lethal, Jammer and Skepta. Fire camp, Kalashnekoff, Sway and Aftershock also represent the hustlers ethic that runs through the UK Street Scene.

Thee quality of the edit lets the DVD down, but this is made up for by the amount of exclusive skits, freestyles and interviews. Watch out for the next instalment coming very soon. Also check out the trailer for a big UK produced feature called “rollin with the nines”, Winner of the Raindance award in 2005.


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out of bethnal

Out of Bethnal

friday 17th of feb


nuff said
so get your skins down there. SEEN!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

shebu gets loved up

Valentines Soiree
Address: 184 Uxbridge Road, London W12 7JP
Date: 14th February 2006
Time: 7pm till late
Entry: £5 before 9pm £7 thereafter
Music by: Dj. Baby Blu & Mikey
Host: Peaches (Deal Real Records)
Dancers: Bam Bam Boogies
BV's: Andrea.G & Sumaia
Tell a friend.
Info: 07831 434 210 / 020 8222 6597 / 07904735545