Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Radio Show

You can now catch your fav stars from the hood on REACT 997, also the live stream can now be accessed from react fm's myspace -www.myspace.com/reactfm

click on the real flash player and select the standalone realplayer to navigate away from the site and play using your own realplayer program.

The show will be a mixture of showcase, interviews, documentaries, and live sets from inside and outside the scene. Expect to have your mind stretched on a Saturday.

Stay Blessed


Saturday, May 20, 2006


breakout_flyerfrnt, originally uploaded by fip_fashion.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Brunos Mixtape

Dubstep Coma, The Latest mixtape from Bruno Belluomini is already online, Available for download. Dubstep Coma is a 14 songs selection mixed and recorded live. The DJ and producer Bruno Belluomini just put for download his most recent mixtape. It contains, besides exponents from the Dubstep genre, proper productions cut in dubplate to test before the vinyl release. The chosen selection reflects the cream of Dubstep, the style that gains more force and new adepts each day. Cyrus comes from Croydon, prolific cradle of the style in the south London region. His last promo mix contains tracks that promise to shake the scene in the next months. Pinch, Tectonic label manager and the man behind Dubloaded and the Subloaded parties, comes from Bristol. His well succeeded initiative already released names as Moving Ninja and Omen. Also from Bristol comes Appleblim, the man behind the party and label Skull Disco. Mark One brings his famous crossover between Dubstep, Grime and Electro from Manchester. Kudos, on his turn, presents "BTown", the most expressive track from his recent The City EP. Loefah, Coki and Mala don't need comments: they are the "dons" of the scene and promote serious sysmic shocks in Brixton with their DMZ, one ofthe most significative and important night in the circuit. D1, one of the youngest and most talented producers, released by the seminal label Tempa, also marks presence.
Bruno Belluomini is a brazilian DJ, producer and promoter concerned with fresh, new forms of music. He runs several weekly and montly projects and plays at several radio shows. His mixed sets, productions and other informations can be found at http://www.submusica.com/brunobelluomini. Besides this, Bruno Belluomini is an approved DMC chart returner and his chart can be found in several online forums and published magazines.
Send your promos to:
Bruno Belluomini
Alameda Lorena
799 Apto. 103
São Paulo -
CEP 01424-001

Thursday, May 04, 2006

A quick word from Charles

We have just uploaded a Gallery at Saatchi's online portal for web based artists, Charles was so delighted that he sent us a small thank you....


Very happy to see your work on the gallery site.

I am thrilled that the standard is so high from such a variety of artists and hope it will be interesting to gallery owners, exhibition curators and collectors to see such diverse work.

All my best,

Charles Saatchi


check it out, and see work from FIP and other artist that have worked on the photographic side of our modest site.

sorry to all those who are waiting for editorial features, its a busy time of year for us academics. And we dont mean the clothing brand...

What is FIP?