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SLK article on the myspace..

SLK Article on the new blogspot

kano at astoria


from "get set - 679 recordings"

When news of Kano’s concert being cancelled reached the street level immediately there were parallels drawn between the way in which So Solid were locked down in their hey day. The surprise, which was most peoples reaction was due to the fact that Kano has never been at the center of a public scandal of the same nature of those from So Solid.

At the beginning of the performance Kano did talk about the previous concert that did not happen and sounded hurt at the cancellation, he also mentioned the significance of the night. As he was not being paid it was “all love”.

Nevertheless Kano returned with a next date early this month to give the fan what they had been waiting for. The venue was London Astoria, a significant venue for many reasons. The night proved that the scene has lot riding for it and that it can be the forefront a musical revolution. The crowd was very mixed and was probably what Kano has become used to after doing a nationwide tour.

Kano performed a good few tracks from the album “home sweet home”, those who are familiar will know Ps and Qs, typical me and the current track, brown eyes. Then the usual stage show ensued, with a performance from former members of his old crew in the style of a dj set from sidewinder. It seemed some of the crowd was not familiar with this format, in my opinion this is the most important part of being a UK artist: staying true to your roots, the same ethos held Hip Hop legends that made their scene what it is today.

Unfortunately the night seemed half finished when the curtains were called at 9.30. I feel this was not what the crowd were looking for and that particular move made the “concert” seem as if it was not on a par with other shows.

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Its’ been 2 months since its’ high profile launch at ITV and already, organisers of the British Urban Film Festival (BUFF) have had to extend the deadline for entries ahead of announcing their shortlist later next month. BUFF has been billed as the UK’s biggest competitive festival of its’ kind, creating 3 competition categories: (Best) Feature, (Best) Short Film & (Best) Music Video.In addition, there will be a showcase of selected films & music videos for broadcast on-line and on-air as well as behind-the-scenes programming chronicling the festival, filmmakers & independent cinema. Sources at BUFF Enterprises have confirmed that they’re currently accepting submissions through until Tuesday February 21 in the aforementioned categories.Selected films will be judged by a panel of industry professionals and will compete for a ‘buffy’ award, voted for by the general public. All winners will be announced at ‘The Buffies’ awards ceremony, the climax to the British Urban Film Festival in late Spring 2006.The 8 day event also includes first-run features, documentaries & short films from the UK and abroad. In addition to the screenings, a distribution arm will be set up to license all nominated films under the umbrella of BUFF Enterprises, attracting buyers for UK and international film/TV markets.For full details about how to enter films, log on to the festival website:

One Samurai - more A to Z

More street than the A to Z presented by one Samurai

DJ Samurai is a hip-hop producer from the UK who also ghost writers (weak rhymers apply here), spits, and DJ’s. Recently he has turned his hands to the camera.

The product that landed on the streets was a take on the legendary A-Z maps that tell you everything about how to get to where you are going. The analogy is quite obvious. If you want to know about the scene then get this in your DVD collect.

The highlights are the news and views from the artists that have been coming up on the streets last year. Kila Kela features, as does Lethal, Jammer and Skepta. Fire camp, Kalashnekoff, Sway and Aftershock also represent the hustlers ethic that runs through the UK Street Scene.

Thee quality of the edit lets the DVD down, but this is made up for by the amount of exclusive skits, freestyles and interviews. Watch out for the next instalment coming very soon. Also check out the trailer for a big UK produced feature called “rollin with the nines”, Winner of the Raindance award in 2005.


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out of bethnal

Out of Bethnal

friday 17th of feb


nuff said
so get your skins down there. SEEN!

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shebu gets loved up

Valentines Soiree
Address: 184 Uxbridge Road, London W12 7JP
Date: 14th February 2006
Time: 7pm till late
Entry: £5 before 9pm £7 thereafter
Music by: Dj. Baby Blu & Mikey
Host: Peaches (Deal Real Records)
Dancers: Bam Bam Boogies
BV's: Andrea.G & Sumaia
Tell a friend.
Info: 07831 434 210 / 020 8222 6597 / 07904735545

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January Charts...

Hi! Here are the January Charts... Some mixtapes and audio samples are available here...

Top 10 Dubstep Chart January 2006
1. L Wiz "Egyptic" Dub Police
2. Kudos "B Town" Soundproof
3. Appleblim "Girder" Skull Disco
4. D1 "Degrees" Tempa
5. Cyrus "Prophecy" Tectonic
6. Krave "Minor Skank" (Dub)
7. Grim Feast "The Land Of Sufi" (Dub)
8. Cyrus "Indian Stomp" Tectonic
9. Krave "Tribal Findings" (Dub)
10. Bruno Belluomini "Taka Fogo (Tranquera Remix)" (Dub)

Top 10 Breaks Chart January 2006
1. Basement Jaxx "Flylife (Tayo & The Underground Remix)" Atlantic Jaxx
2. Dogtown Clash "West London's Burning" Westway
3. Future Funk Squad "Audio Damage (Ils Remix)" Default
4. Groove Diggers "Neon Funk" Breakin Even
5. Blackmass Plastics "Pump Maximiser" Combat
6. Transformer Man "The Ravers Return" Bass Rock
7. Roman Flügel "Geht's Noch (Rag & Bone Mix)" Skint
8. Misfilter Vs. Influenza "Want It All" Sinister
9. Voom Voom Peng Peng "All I Need" K7
10. Bruno Belluomini "Dub Rock Skank" (Dub)

Send your promos to:
Bruno Belluomini
Alameda Lorena 799 Apto. 103
São Paulo - SP
CEP 01424-001

All the best,
Bruno Belluomini.