Tuesday, November 29, 2005

uk street sounds launch new service for artists

Thursday 1st December 2005 @ Cargo, 83 Rivington St, Kingsland Viaduct, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3AY

9pm – 1am. £6 advance tickets from. http://www.ticketweb.co.uk/. £10 on the door

UK street sounds is throwing a party to celebrate another step in the right direction for the UK street music scene.

The concept is simple… you, yes you can get some P’s for making music and making it available for download on the UK street sounds portal.

UKstreetsounds launched in November 2005 as the definitive urban music digital platform for mobile downloads, including realtones, video clips, and full track MP3’s for UK and international artists from the likes of likes of: Wiley, Dizzee Rascal, Sway, Lethal Bizzle, Ms Dynamite, Lady Sovereign, Estelle, Rodney P, Skinnyman, Klashnekoff, Blak Twang, J2K, Essentials, Ruff Squad, Choong Family, Mike GLC, MIA and many more. UKSS will also represent the hottest international artists too, from the US and beyond, with Eminem, 50 Cent, Snoop Dog, Akon, Black Eyed Peas, Mariah Carey, Nas, The Game, Aaliyah, Ashanti and Mobb Deep all on offer to the first UKSS browsers.

For more information or to find out how to get your music on UKstreetsounds please contact:

Karlene Palmer on 020 8509 6076 or email karlene@ukstreetsounds.com


DJ’s on the night:

Shortee Blitz (Kiss FM),

Manny Norte (BBC 1Xtra),

Wayne Mcdonald (Galaxy)

PA’s: Choong Family,



Tinchy Stryder,





Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Shebu pays tribute to the bomb victims

Huge line up plus its for a good cause plus its in the manor.
Don't really want to go into the politics and talk about the bombings but people did pass away so it would be a great show of solidarity if the place was packed out. It just goes to show that music can influence society....
check the weblink for more info.
I got this mixed up earlier and said it was for the SEAQA but its not. Apologies.


Overground V

Overground should really be called underground… but then that would mean that we are lighting a lamp and keeping it under a bushel, and its not that time at all…

Overground takes music from outside the mainstream and showcases its. In the last year it seems that the movement has really come of age, and events like this are key to the core of what we are trying to achieve. This was not just an event for ravers; there were photographers, journalists, and industry professionals.

The turnout was impressive for a dangerously cold Wednesday night, but the line up demanded a good-sized crowd. The main genres represented were, bashment, and the UK spit scene. But there was a funk rock act, rnb from Nathan, and African hip-hop.

Savana took the stage first and blessed the crowd with the bashment vibe, this set the pace for Ruby Classic. Along side Ruby was Stammer who dropped some bars over some bashment tracks and some more well known beats. Watch out for new bits from those artists. Next we had the sultry voice of BabyChan, 1/3 of the Suncycle crew. The rest of the group jumped on stage later with JD, who was adamant that he was there to “hentertain”. JD manages to squeeze a violinist, a break dancing emcee, Nathan, Whitey, Midas, Bashy, and Suncycle on stage before ending with a few of his bits.

In between the bashment and JD we had Funky DL, fresh from Japan with some old and new bits. I was feeling the use of the Michael Jackson sample. The UK spit scene was represented further with some New Shape music from Unorthodox. And that’s Unorthodox not NoLay as she reminded the host and the crowd. Watch out for new bits from this camp and a cameo from NoLay on Shystie's new drama.

Nathan repped for the ladies crew with his street anthem “come into my room” and “round and round” his new piece currrently on rotation on the U network. If you have not got Sky you can join the campaign to get U on to the freeview and cable networks, go to the site to find out more.

The prizes for innovation and novelty had to go to JJC and The Thirst. Afropean hip hop and funk rock respectively. The Thirst are a south London collective, to hear what they sound like hit up the email address and get a free sample. You will be pleasantly surprised. JJC managed to educate the masses on a little bit of Nigerian culture and drew parallels between US, Caribbean and UK black culture.

Unfortunately we did not get to see SLK but hopefully you can catch them at the next Underground sorry I mean Overground in March when it should be a little warmer outside. Full marks to Akosua, the big cheese at Overground, check her out in the New Nation.

pictures from this night soon come alongside the review from Excalubahs Mixtape Launch... sorry for delays but its all technical!!

Sway, Biggz, Pyrelli


Scratch Perverts showcase

Dirtee Stank and Scartch Perverts

This night was big; I got to admit I was only there for the main room sets. The line up was Sway featuring Pyrelli and Biggz. Not forgetting the Scratch Perverts and emcee Dynamite, plus the massive Dirtee Stank showcase.

Dizzee was very big, he did his thing, a little was missing, the crowd was live but not as hype as I thought they would be. I was expecting to get a sidewinder style set from Dizzee, some real gully material. But Dizzee seems to have moved on and his style is much bigger and more professional. The mix of garage, concept and hip hop was crafty. Full marks to Semtex who kept the vibes bubbling all night.

Semtex defiantly educated the masses by mixing some dirty south, west and east coast and some concept style beats. The pictures tell a good story but to get the full story you had to be there. People queued for hours and still did not get in. Does sardine can mean anything to you? Well it must have been like that when the crowd’s final dissolved into the club…

I have to thank the XL recording press department for the hook up, (cheers Steve) although it would have been great to get some exclusive time with the rascal. Instead we managed to catch up with Jammer and also Stanza from Scandalous Unlimited. Jammer has just touched back down in the country that day, not sure exactly where from because the music was too loud. Stanzas collective is about the shake up the whole game with a Mixtape the eye of the tiger. The vibes are dangerous and you will hear a load of artists that should have bussed ages ago. If you want to clue your self up go and cop the renegade boys “the interview” and the second edition of run the roads for the Dynasty track. Also check the Dynasty boys on Shystie’s new drama called “Dubplate Drama”….

So that the “Eye Of The Tiger Volume One CD Compilation” and breaking the rules. Watch out for “maths an English” from the Rascal which will be dropping mid spring or summertime 06. I can’t wait for the 06 season to kick in. I think everyone is calming down and preparing for news years and Christmas, and it’s usually quiet up until March when we get the WMC…

But the scene here does not ever seem to sleep, the game keeps moving at a blistering rate. Sways blistering “up your speed” got a good response, as did “flo fashion”. Check the pics for more action. Biggz came on and made people say “cor blimey” and pyrelli did his thing when sway sat back and chilled with thoughts of his recent mobo.

The scratch perverts were on point as always, and we got to give them props all the way for putting on the night itself, all I got to say is please sir can I have some more.. Hopefully we should be able to hook up some words from the rascal and his new signings so the squad, if you don’t catch it here then wait for it in the Westminster smoke magazine.


p.s. check out the pictures above and below

The Rascal and Semtex @ Dirtee Stank showcase

Monday, November 21, 2005

Scratch Perverts


Friday, November 18, 2005

Garage Fever

Garage Fever

The weekend was kind of busy, but what can you do, you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth as they say. After hitting fabric on Friday, I wanted to chill and just enjoy a night out. So I got my garms on and reached Wembley.

Silver spoon was the venue, not sure what the capacity is but it was kind of rammed. The ladies crew were looking special, just one word to describe the vibe…. Wow. There was a good vibe, there was no trouble, except for a small disturbance towards the end of the night that dulled the Heartless Crew set which is a shame as we were all waiting for them to hit the stage.

It was nice to catch some old school vibes; if anyone was at Herbal on Friday then it would be great to get a report from the roads. It was a hard choice between Cameo, MJ Cole and Wookie, but im gona catch up with the prolific crew next month.

At garage fever I managed to catch up with Freeze Fm dj Benne Gee. Mr Gee has a show on freeze in the mornings, playing slow jams and wake up slowly tracks.. He also has a new e.p. out on the roads. It’s called “breaking the rules”. Get down to uptown and get that if you are the old school tip.

Also check out www.clubsidewinder.com for details of an old school night on Boxing Day and djs2gworld.blogspot.com for a night on the 25th of November.

Suga Suga Shebu Shebu

Suga Suga has moved! After many months of moving and shaking on the street scene LIVE is to find a new home.

LIVE is moving To Market Bar, just east of central London. The night boasted some of the greats of the London and UK scene. I managed to catch Ayak, Skinnyman, Rodney p, Ka lash, Cameo, Twin b, Baby blue, and many more….

It’s all about supporting the scene so make sure you go with the flow and carry the vibes to the new venue. Big up jade.inc and Mr Kwame, check out the show on Sunday evenings.

Shebu is to play host to a range of artists on the 27th of November Im sure you have seen the flyers floating around on every blogspot this side of the grime scene. Make a weekend of it by touching speakeasy on the Friday as well... For further info hit up Steve on this number: 07903682129

one for the ladies

Saturday 19 November, 1-5.30PM
Venue to be announced.

On Saturday the 19 November the 100 Black Men will host a special event to commemorate Rosa Parks' passing. The main feature will be the award- winning Rosa Parks' Story starring academy award-winning actress Angela Bassett , but we will also present films which show other African women who have made a stand and changed society.
Make sure you bring your sons, daughters and friends to share in this unique event and prepare to be inspired and uplifted...

The Rosa Parks Story
Angela Bassett was nominated for an Emmy award for her portrayal of Rosa Parks in 2002. We see her life as a child growing up in the deep south and later as the woman who refuses to give up her seat in 1955, 10 years after African-Americans had fought and died for ‘democracy’ in World War 2.
This compelling true story demonstrates the power a singe act of defiance can have over an ancient tradition of injustice.

Claudia Jones Story
A journalist ,civil rights activist, refugee Claudia Jones is not recognised enough for her contributions to black British history.
Apart from editing the West Indian Gazette in the 1950’s and campaigning against the colour bar she was also responsible for establishing the annual Carnival we now call Notting Hill.
This short documentary on her life will give you lots of information about the civil rights movement in this country .

for more info contact: etf@100bmol.org.uk or visit the website: www.100bmol.org.uk


draw for dat dub...


Dub plate drama, is real…. After we had lord of the decks, we had bullet boy, now we got a sitcom. Seems like the scene is moving at an amazing rate. Let’s hope it comes together.

Dubplate Drama, the worlds first interactive mobile, online, terrestrial and digital television drama series. Currently on Channel 4, E4, E4+, MTV, MTV BASE, PSP and 3(mobile network).
Dubplate drama is drama from the roads, starring Shystie… and also two of our boys Marcy and Hypa formally of Dynasty, but we won’t get into that just yet.

Shystie's Character is a female called Dionne aka Pressure, who is a normal girl with a big talent and ambition to match it. Her first mission - to get her Dubplate cut. The second - to get famous. It's a long road. She's going to meet plenty of people who can help her make it. And plenty of people who are going to try and hold her back. Her fate is in your hands.

In episode 1, Dionne ventures across London to visit a pirate radio station, but the visit doesn't go according to plan. Soon after Dionne stumbles upon a crew from a rival station sabotaging the rig and is drawn into a longstanding rivalry between the two crews. And it's up to you to decide what happens next.
The figures
The Sunday repeat of Dubplate Drama received 0.3million viewers and had 8% share of the total audience beating BBC1 and ITV. The figures were near the same as most flagship shows on T4.

Check out the spiel below and also take note of the options for this next week’s episode. Remember that you can help decide what happens.

Associations with 3, Sony PSP, Talk to FRANK, MTV and Channel 4 mean the show is not only a compelling piece of urban drama and quality storytelling, nor is it just the best quality rapping from uk artists that will have ever been televised, nor is it only a true worlds first when it comes to interactive drama, but its also a highly sophisticated interactive communications campaign addressing important social issues and providing information and advice to young people who traditional marketing channels fail to reach.
DOWNLOADS AND REPEATSso if you have your very own PSP, you can head over to the website http://www.yourpsp.com/psp/psp.html#locale=en_gb&section=homepage and download the weeks episode, plus additional content *this week will be freestyles by Roll Deep*.If you unfortunately don't own one, then you can watch the show on Channel 4 every Saturday at 12 am and if you miss it, then you can catch it again as it repeats 3 times during the week on channel 4, twice on MTV BASE, twice on MTV, Every Friday on PSP and Anytime on 3 (mobile network) and you can also download, Dionne’s Diaries plus exclusive music videos only on 3.

Sunday night 21:00pm MTVbaseSunday night 00:25pm Channel 4Tuesdays 11:30pm E4 (from week 2) Tuesdays 12:30pm E4 + 1 (from week 2) Tuesdays 11:00pm MTV UKWednesdays 11:00pm MTV BaseWednesday 00:50 Channel 4

Even more content is available on your mobile, exclusive additional scenes, specially created music and videos and behind the scenes weekly Dubplate Diaries, alongside a 3 minute cut down of each week’s installment viewable on your mobile via 3.
You can text in and choose how you want the next episode to turn out choosing from a, A OR B question, texts only cost 10p and you can vote as many times as you wish or you can go to the official website and get voting from there.. Click here to vote -->http://www.dubplatedrama.tv/. The dilemma this week is, should Dionne get in the car with the guys she's only just met?If you think she should text DUBPLATE A to 83188 orif you think she should run text DUBPLATE B to 83188Texts cost 10p..

Lastly to catch up on missed episodes, read about the characters or learn the background to the story visit http://www.dubplatedrama.tv/. Sign up to receive exclusive footage and watch past episodes.



Tuesday, November 08, 2005

november IS heating up

Easy People,
back from the otherside of my birthday, (happy birthday to me! from the rest of the FIP team)
Sorry for the dip in conversation, but we are back. Yes we are indeed. November is looking like a busy calender month and its more like a warm up for the crimbo season!

watch out for reports from overground, and sway at cargo (16th and 23rd respectively). Also Pro G at plan B (24th november), not to mention the massive showcase at Fabric this weekend. Should be dirtee stank for sure. Also this friday, prolific at Herbal, Shoreditch,

MJ Cole headlines introducing (as if they need one!) DJ Cameo , WOOKIE, MC B - LIVE plus QUALIFIDE plus a live p.a from XAVIER... upstairs it's CONTRAST hosted by NAPT who serve up the best estabilshed and upcoming talent in breaks. the empahsis is on variety which is reflected in music policy.... Herbal...
check out the flicks from the last time we caught Cameo and you will know it was big.

I just finished reviewing Killa Kels album and you can find this on the university of westminster student union website, and its in the smoke mag section....

oh yes before i forget, WHHHHHUTTT! returns again for the last Saturday of the month, at the bohemian location of 93 feet East on saturday the 26th of november. This time Jim Jams and Riko are on duty.

Also hold tight for new articles on the Kano incident, its all politics init!