Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The VIBE is back baby

The good people at VIBE CITY are returning with another night this Friday, that’s Friday the 5th of October. Its at the same place as before, that’s Turnmills.

The whole vibe of the night is perfect for anyone who is looking for somewhere to go before a night out, or for the older connoisseur who wants to chill on a Friday but still get back to the babysitter.

People that went to the last one said,

“ It was a good night, perfect for me as I live in the area” (Jane, 25, from Shoreditch)

“Good music, nice people, big up beat treat” (Ron Micheal, 29, Stockwell)

The mixture of music is exactly what we are about, its different fresh and eclectic. If you are in the area then there is really no excuse to not be there..

So like doctor says, “come on” down and chill with us.

63B Clerkenwell Road
£3.00 UKP


1 comment:

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