Thursday, December 15, 2005


Thank you for making bfi Black World such a success…

The bfi Black World initiative, launched June 2 2005, is now over. During that time, over 40 national events took place with 30 institutional and community partners.
It’s been a major journey launching with seminal filmmakers such as Melvin van Peebles and Ousmane Sembene through to a pioneering tour of classic and contemporary black British films in local and alternative venues.

However, if you would like a more first-hand experience of bfi Black World, visit the newly launched Nu-Visions website. Designed and produced by young (16-24 years old) journalists, writers and reviewers, Nu-Visions offers reports of bfi Black World events as well as useful guides and signposts to getting into the industry, professional diaries and profiles of new and developing black British film talent.

Another legacy project set to launch next year is 100 Black Screen Icons in partnership with Every Generation Media. The world’s first on-line poll of its kind, 100 Black Screen Icons will offer an opportunity to vote for your favourite international black screen icon over the past 100 years. If you want to nominate a personality for the list, then email your suggestion to

The bfi Black World legacy is being developed and you will be informed as to its progress. Black World owes much gratitude for the work of Marquita Bowen, Marketing Consultant, Desiree Banugo, On-line Communications Manager, Fola Odumosu, Partnerships Assistant and Editor of Nu-Visions and Narena Modeste, Co-ordinator. Gaylene Gould, Prject Manager and Roxane Liddell, Project Co-ordinator will still be based at the Black World office and can be reached at

As well as this BUFF Welcomes you to the R(E)volution.
BUFF Enterprises (British Urban Film Festival) is a newly-formed organisation created to explore the opportunities available to showcase independent cinema originating from the next generation of filmmakers for the enjoyment of audiences primarily in the UK and, with the interest in international independent cinema, throughout the world. BUFF offers individual filmmakers the opportunity for industry recognition, market distribution, digital satellite transmission, theatrical release, Internet exposure, and market return.

The official launch of BUFF 2006 was staged at ITV London Headquarters in Waterloo on Tuesday 13 December 2005 the crowd was a good size and gave a personal feel to the event, there were filmmakers, press associates, partner organisations such as ITV London, Film London and The Hip-Hop Association (USA). there was a small sample exclusive and preview of screenings from the line-up of films and showcases to be scheduled as part of the inaugural festival in March – to be held in Stratford, East London.

thanks to Emmanuel for the nites and drinks on arrival, also the stunning opening music from a duo..... namedMina and Disa (more info on them soon come..) who gave us some acoustic soul food.

The movies dealt with a range of subjects from a documentary on famous london artists, to oral sex to what is BUFF? look for more information on those productions in the new year. We should be able to bring you the juice on these young film moguls in the form of interviews and trailers.

Log on to where you can also find out information about BUFF on hip hop association festival website.

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