Wednesday, February 08, 2006

January Charts...

Hi! Here are the January Charts... Some mixtapes and audio samples are available here...

Top 10 Dubstep Chart January 2006
1. L Wiz "Egyptic" Dub Police
2. Kudos "B Town" Soundproof
3. Appleblim "Girder" Skull Disco
4. D1 "Degrees" Tempa
5. Cyrus "Prophecy" Tectonic
6. Krave "Minor Skank" (Dub)
7. Grim Feast "The Land Of Sufi" (Dub)
8. Cyrus "Indian Stomp" Tectonic
9. Krave "Tribal Findings" (Dub)
10. Bruno Belluomini "Taka Fogo (Tranquera Remix)" (Dub)

Top 10 Breaks Chart January 2006
1. Basement Jaxx "Flylife (Tayo & The Underground Remix)" Atlantic Jaxx
2. Dogtown Clash "West London's Burning" Westway
3. Future Funk Squad "Audio Damage (Ils Remix)" Default
4. Groove Diggers "Neon Funk" Breakin Even
5. Blackmass Plastics "Pump Maximiser" Combat
6. Transformer Man "The Ravers Return" Bass Rock
7. Roman Flügel "Geht's Noch (Rag & Bone Mix)" Skint
8. Misfilter Vs. Influenza "Want It All" Sinister
9. Voom Voom Peng Peng "All I Need" K7
10. Bruno Belluomini "Dub Rock Skank" (Dub)

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