Monday, November 13, 2006

interview with 12 Inch

12 - inch is a 19-year-old DJ from Northolt, in the borough of Ealing, west London. Widely rated as one of the top three djs in west London. It’s not often that you get one of the best djs in west London hitting you up on myspace and msn. So when 12 - Inch hailed me up, and requested an interview I had to oblige.

WHAT IS FIP? -Good evening.....

12 - Inches of fury- evening

FIP? -This is FIP, talking to dj 12 - Inch..... at some deep time of day....12 -.... please let us in on a secret....why are U called 12 - inch..... (we do have female readers...)

12 - - The name 12 -inch is original from the sizes of records, I decided on the name because it was different and obviously stating the obvious it was the size of record I play

FIP? -I hear that, shows how deep into ure music u are... but... I think u just dissapointed a lot of our female readers....

12 - lol. They will no be disappointed if they feel they need 2 find out more then we could have a 1 to 1. Lol

FIP? -Oi Oi... its a family show... just joking
What genre of music do you specialise in..?

12 - - I specialize in grime and slow jams

FIP? -That is a very interesting combination of music..... Some would say they are opposed... would you agree?

12 - - well slow jams may be completely different however, its the music which I like and relaxes my state of mind at various times and grime is UK music which I support and feel it should be pushed under the right sort of image

FIP? -Which is....?

12 - - a positive image, not the image of war, words shouldn't affect the artists it a way of expressing yourself not expressing crime on violence against one another

FIP? -I hear you, but as an emcee format don’t u think that the battle element of grime is important for its progression, i.e. finding the most exciting new artists?

12 - - yeh I do feel so, but I don’t think it should end up wid a fight due to someone being better than u or offending you. its apart of the scene, so it should be played on, not taken to heart

FIP? -I agree but road and music always seem to spill into each other.... being from west London and being in the grime scene and being a dj makes u the perfect person to ask... wat is going on with west london grime?

12 - - west london grime, well to be honest there is only about 15-20 good mc's if that there is a lot of mc's that don’t want to make tunes, they prefer freestyles which are for sets, its trying to make a tune that is catchy that will make you gd and known. The road and music needs to be separated and people need to act more professional

FIP? -I hear this.... I can relate from first hand experience... who are ure top10 west

12 - - well that is hard but I will try give some not in any particular order
Kai mizan,
Hit man t,
Fugzi, lynx man
Can’t think right now there more though

FIP? -That is a gd line up.... some of them are from the click that u rep..... tell us more about ure Team

12 - - well at the mo, I am dj that is alone in this grime scene, I have been in dirty alliance and section 18, but I have realise they are not the crews for me, so I have been by myself and I have been networking with good mc's, the best in west from my opinion and from that I have been able to promote myself and them as well

FIP? -That is a good look, solo soldier..... So obviously ure promoting ureself as dj package... do u do any production>?

12 - - no I don’t make beats, but I believe I may put together a mixtape with the best of west mc's so that we can enter the scene as a unit and start making movements

FIP? -That is commendable; I think they need more people like u..... Djs are the power brokers in this scene.... where can people catch ure mixology?

12 - - well im in the process of maybe doing a lil myspace mix or a promo. But you can catch me on freeze fm 92.7 sometimes, manic fm Monday 4-6 and get grime Thursday 7.30 -9. I take the game serious
As I want to be the best in the grime scene so I have to put the work in. I have played out at raves, parties b-days, club will come in due time with either grime or slow jams

FIP? -That’s all good, wats Subcity records like as a label and wats it like working with Squncy Black...?

12 -- yes I am, I am kinda in Subcity and we are looking to make positive movements and make the right steps in the grime scene

FIP? -I love dat.... wat can we expect from you in 2007?

12 - - well I hope that you can hear my name been talked about everywhere instead of only west London, maybe on bigger stations and a couple of mixtape also or promos

FIP? -any excluses? U can give us a name or something to work with

12 - - well next yr look out for wild western vol.1. That is gonna be the best of west London talent
So look forward 2 that. Summer 07 is hopefully when it will drop

FIP? -We will let the people know as soon as we do....... any last words/shouts etc....

12 - -no just big up everyone in the grime scene working hard

Wild Western (DJ 12 - Inch) is not to be confused with
Western peace (DJ Spook J - hoodstars)

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