Friday, November 18, 2005

Suga Suga Shebu Shebu

Suga Suga has moved! After many months of moving and shaking on the street scene LIVE is to find a new home.

LIVE is moving To Market Bar, just east of central London. The night boasted some of the greats of the London and UK scene. I managed to catch Ayak, Skinnyman, Rodney p, Ka lash, Cameo, Twin b, Baby blue, and many more….

It’s all about supporting the scene so make sure you go with the flow and carry the vibes to the new venue. Big up and Mr Kwame, check out the show on Sunday evenings.

Shebu is to play host to a range of artists on the 27th of November Im sure you have seen the flyers floating around on every blogspot this side of the grime scene. Make a weekend of it by touching speakeasy on the Friday as well... For further info hit up Steve on this number: 07903682129


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