Tuesday, November 08, 2005

november IS heating up

Easy People,
back from the otherside of my birthday, (happy birthday to me! from the rest of the FIP team)
Sorry for the dip in conversation, but we are back. Yes we are indeed. November is looking like a busy calender month and its more like a warm up for the crimbo season!

watch out for reports from overground, and sway at cargo (16th and 23rd respectively). Also Pro G at plan B (24th november), not to mention the massive showcase at Fabric this weekend. Should be dirtee stank for sure. Also this friday, prolific at Herbal, Shoreditch,

MJ Cole headlines introducing (as if they need one!) DJ Cameo , WOOKIE, MC B - LIVE plus QUALIFIDE plus a live p.a from XAVIER... upstairs it's CONTRAST hosted by NAPT who serve up the best estabilshed and upcoming talent in breaks. the empahsis is on variety which is reflected in music policy.... Herbal...
check out the flicks from the last time we caught Cameo and you will know it was big.

I just finished reviewing Killa Kels album and you can find this on the university of westminster student union website, and its in the smoke mag section....

oh yes before i forget, WHHHHHUTTT! returns again for the last Saturday of the month, at the bohemian location of 93 feet East on saturday the 26th of november. This time Jim Jams and Riko are on duty.

Also hold tight for new articles on the Kano incident, its all politics init!

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