Monday, May 21, 2007

Urban Tales

Urban Tales

was written with the intention of grasping a piece of lower working class U.K. society and putting it in writing and pictures so that people can really see the conditions that individuals such as my self and some of my peers are living in on a daily basis and the mind state that some of the younger individuals have because they see it as a means of escaping the burdens and problems of their everyday life.

The areas that Urban Tales focuses on are crime, drugs, love, political propaganda, teenage pregnancies, unemployment and everyday situations not only in the black communities but in many lower working class households in the inner cities up and down the country but is written from my time living in London and Birmingham. I feel as much as racism is a problem in this country that does not seem to be going away no matter how many innocent people are killed or how many campaigns the government put out, however it is the divide between the classes that is the main problem.

The rich seem to be getting richer while the less fortunate seem to be stuck in a position of “sink or swim” to maintain a suitable position of living for themselves and their families.

With the recent emergence of excellent talent that the U.K. is showing both with musically with Grime, Indie, RnB, Rock, U.K. Hip Hop and films Urban Tales is a window of insight.

from Koemi

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