Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Lady B line Damages Dam

After breaking down a road block event in Dam, B line was not satisfied and went on to do a radio show with distrubed mandem. Check out www.streamersradio.com and wait for the stream to start playing. The actual rave before hand featured Roll deep, Stormin, Nasty Jack, Vder, Garner and the lady B line herself.

Streamersradio is the first radioshow in Holland which plays all of the sounds of the UK Underground.We're talking about grime, dubstep, eskibeatz, sublow & drum 'n bass, hosted by the djs Osiris, Grimeselecter, Lexxy & Grimey aka Mizzfitz, and directed by PN and Fast r Ronnie, who will provide you only with the best UK Underground tunes. Check out 'crew' to find out more about them!

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