Friday, September 23, 2005

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Sam White at the Spitz

It’s not often that the grime scene gets a platform to work off like this one so we need to support this thing plus its at a place called the Spitz so its def one for all the emcees, get it? Yeah right come one you love my jokes.

Its only on till Saturday/Sunday!!!!!

Sam white has a exhibition documenting the “east london grime scene”. Although it’s a bit biased and only represents one ends it is huge. It’s showing at the Spitz Bristro. Grime seems to be flowing freely in these arty ends and like Dizzie said “sipping on the dry white wine” and that’s exactly what you can do down here as the bristro offers a selection of fine wines for the connoisseurs. We are trying to get an interview with Sam White so hold tight for that.

The Spitz Bristro

109 commercial street

Old Spitalfields market


E1 68G.

0207 392 9032

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