Thursday, September 01, 2005

Carnival 2005

Acrid gets up

Carnival 2005

As usual this years carnival preparations started early, while riding the number 7 about a week before, I could look down and see the familiar sight of the metal fences that line the streets. Also the graffiti all the way down where great western road meets westbourne grove started to appear, covering the best bits from 2004, this year I managed to catch up with some of the LB cats, Acrid, priest, CGO and younger SB.
The most interesting Graff was further from this spot, still on westbourne near Portobello. Some amazing murals that would have been at home in galleries like the Tate modern. >

The Monday was vibeing and from what I heard Bruza was the man! Hanging off the scaffolding and dropping some hot lines. But as usually rampage was the scene of warfare and as a result it got locked down before its time. The biggest tunes of carnival were defiantly “welcome to Jamrock”, “the crazy frog remix” and anything Bruza was on. This year I brought out a boom box. I recommend this as essential kit, especially when all the sounds are done. Bring your own sounds system eh. You know it makes sense. I caught up with a steel band all the way from Switzerland; I guess they must have taken a wrong turn! But even though they still managed to get down to panorama. The Sunday was quiet different. The crowds were smaller than what I remember past years being, but then again children’s carnival is always more quiet. I got stuck up on all saints road and was blessed by the sounds of old school garage and dub reggae. Not to mention some drum and bass and jungle.

As night fell team FIP got ready for a fashion shoot, we hit all saints as the last floats rode in, Powis Square, Colville Terrace, and Westbourne Grove and then called it a day. Watch out for the pictures and music from both the artists featured in our shoot. Thanks to staff at stateside in whiteleys for the help with outfits. big up Shasti Lowton for styling the shoot and picking colourways.

Overall carnival was good this year, people were still out in the streets jamming till 12.30, or at least they were when I was on my way home at that time…lets hope next year is better. And lets all make an effort to allow the armshouse otherwise they will have an excuse to move it to Hyde park and nobody really wants that.

Portobello on a normal day & Latymer bridge, significant for various reasons
Shalom till next year.

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