Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Bush Ball


Who’s more ignorant?

I think over the last couple of months we have seen two of the most idiotic disregards for humanity, one being a sporting situation the other racial. Now I don’t know what drives some American people to have their heads stuck so far up their rear ends, as to think they can walk all over the rest of the world but it seems to be a loose trait most of them share. Let’s be real people we live in a country in which money runs everything except one thing and that one thing is opinion. If you borrow money from a bank and they’re strict with their payments, you aren’t going to continue banking with them.

Football is a huge part of life in Briton whether you support Old Stationers FC or Arsenal FC. For the last ten years Manchester United has been at the forefront of the global marketing of football alongside Real Madrid. It has put them at the pinnacle of the world football club rich list and has made them even more popular with the marketing and business world for their shrewd and economical business sense… until an American turned up. Some would say it’s Man U’s fault, they should never have become a Plc, but others know the truth. Once again we’ve seen what a couple of pound signs can do to hypnotize a person. Man U was sold to Malcolm Glazer for a sweet sum of approximately 800 million sterling in July 2005. To some people that sounded like a great deal but for anyone in the know? Debt collectors do not play, from the street level up to your own bank. When they want their money they will come and get it. So when I heard that Man U was bought on loans I started to laugh but felt a little sorry for them. You see what everyone now knows is that we “the British public” one way or another are going to pay back this guys money. Whether you watch football matches on sky or go to the stadium your paying his money. Aren’t we just a bunch of suckers for seeing this coming and not stopping it. well I say good luck to Man U. I hope their dynasty isn’t destroyed because some rich guy wanted a new play thing.

If like the rest of the world you watched the devastation caused by nature to New Orleans then you also saw how long it took the “Richest nation on the planet”, “The only SUPER POWER” the world will ever see then you saw how stupid and slowly goliath reacted. As it has been said, had it been loads of white people in New Orleans bush would have been the first person in a helicopter flying out there to save some people. Unfortunately we found out that racism (as we all knew anyway) has not and possibly never will calm down. It took 5 days for the USA to react to this disaster. When 9/11 went down it took 24 hours for then to start the rescue mission. It hurts me a little to watch bush hug black people like he’s our friend but we now know America’s true colors and black has never been placed on the flag….. but white is its background

So we look at these two dumb Americans (bush definitely is and I have video evidence) and as who is more stupid. One for showing us the he and his country (to an extent) is still more than just a little racist or the other for thinking that WE are stupid and would pay back his loan for him remember football is supposed to entertain us not the other way around.

I think Bush wins… don’t you?

note from editor -
meanwhile news reports put the number of people displaced at around 10, 000
unlike the twin towers the US cannot claim they did not see this coming.
big up BIG SEBA, watch out for more from him.


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