Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Kiss 20 20

Logan Sama

Choong Fam

Kiss Fm's twentieth year anniversary was a huge affair; as per usual we got in on the cheap! Thank you S2G. Alexandra palace was the venue, I mean how big is that place?
I managed to catch sets from Hype, Grooverider and Trevor Nelson, but for me the best set was from EZ. He proved he still has the magic and is one of the best djs on the circuit. However i missed out on Logan Sama, as he was on at some ridiculous time. Sort it out Kiss!

Hype and Grooverider
Celebrities of notability in the crowd were Westwood, Wiley, Gift, (see bottom pictures), Two big brother stars, (I don’t watch big brother, so I wouldn’t know, lucky for them S2G pointed them out), and the Choong Fam.

big brother celebs and S2G drawing gash

Overall an alright rave, but the scene once again was not represented in full, but there were two djs, actually one dj and his emcee, on very late who surprised me by dropping a selection channel u would have been proud of, i think they were called serious and sabre


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